Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Stampin Up Nativity

When I was at the retreat someone was using this fabulous Stampin Up set and I loved how easy it was to make a striking card and managed to get a set.

I cut the each die once in white and navy blue, stamped Mary and Joseph and cut out with the matching die. It was quite easy to do and so a few were made.

I'm struggling with a dodgy throat and sinus, have discovered that the microscopic fibres from the wool I'm crocheting it with is making it worse. Which in turn is making me feel quite miserable and want to head straight to the food cupboard to eat my body weight in comfort food. I have 1 1/2lb to lose to get my 3 1/2 stone for Christmas, only two days to weigh in.


Corry said...

What a beautiful card . Love traditional

JoAnn said...

Beautiful card. I have this set and love it as it represents the true meaning of Christmas.
Sorry you are not feeling well but hope you feel better real soon.

Pat said...

I can see why you needed this set of stamps and dies Debby as they have made a very striking card. Sorry the wool is affecting your throat and sinuses and it is always difficult getting those last few pounds to shift, especially during the winter time when we crave all the wrong foods, but you have obviously got strong will power, but don't beat yourself up because even if you don't make it this week you will do it in the new year. Just enjoy your Christmas! x

Daffodil Cards said...

So VERY Beautiful Debby. Gorgeous stamps and your design. I'm sorry to hear that your wool is making you suffer. I'm sure your will power is going to show your weight is as you would like it to be.

Cheryl W said...

Your card is absolutely wonderful! I love the contrast you achieved by cutting those two papers with your dies. Beautiful!!!

Sandra H said...

Beautiful x