Monday, December 31, 2007

A-Z of Me

Here are the covers ready for the A-Z on its a creative world I was just going to pick some paper that I know I wouldn't scrap with but then I thought this album is about me so I should pick something that reflects me. So out came all the bright colours and this is what I finished up with, I rarely use wishy washy colours.
So has this was about me I thought this post would be ideal to introduce myself to my Sisterhood blogging stampers so I am in my forties,married nearly 30 years to John and have two grown up children, boy and girl, my son has left home but my daughter is back with us after spending a year working at Disney in Orlando. I was introduced to cardmaking by my sister about 6 years ago, and especially love stamping. I also got into scrapbooking about 2 years ago again my Sister's fault it was her idea to make our Mum a scrapbook for her birthday. Last year I was pensioned out of work due to ill health and I have mobility problems, thank goodness for online shopping and my Sister's driving skills. So enough about me just time to say
Happy New Year

See you all in 2008

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Four of the best

So the latest DCM is here

Team dare year end....4 of the best

Hi All. Today we have decided to revisit your most favourite dares of 2007. The four top dares, decided by the number of comments you made on them are (in no particular order): 'buttons', 'ribbons', ...'and cut' and 'frames'. We would like you to use this week as many of those dares as you like to make your card in any theme and any style.

So I managed the buttons, and I cut out the heart which I used for a frame and cut out the daisy. The little tag is stamps away and the finished card is already for Valentines.

I been hearing about the sisterhood of blogging stampers and I finally put my name down for SBS 8. Just need to work out how to put the button on here and all the links to the other sisters without losing them.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Thank You

Nicola at My Paper World blog has designed her first sketch and while I was waiting for the glue to dry on some chipboard for my A-Z journal, I used it for this card. Stampin up stamps and I think the little ones are a docrafts, with papermania gems to finish it off. Not sure who makes the paper.
Thanks for the comments for the card yesterday, you're right, it just needs a sentiment. Can't believe I didn't think of it, obviously early morning card making doesn't work for me.
Well I've made my DCM card just waiting for enough daylight to take a pic and should soon finish the covers for my journal.
Went to Sis the other day managed to stop off at the Art of the Craft, she wanted to go to NEXT to exchange a clock because the face was cracked, I told her she was bonkers and made sure I had a book to read while waiting for the queue to get in the car park. So she saw the queue and decided against (isn't it great when you can say "I told you so") I pointed out that I hadn't been to a craft shop since December 14 and she replied that they could be shut. I then gave her a list of craft shops open because I checked online their christmas opening times, Ok most were a bit out of the way but Art of the Craft was just up the road so we popped in and I managed to get an album for MIL and I have already printed some pic ready to be scrapped. They also had a brand new stand with loads of ribbon at various prices of course none of the ones I chose were the cheapest, typical.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Bump in the night

So there I was fast alsleep when something or someone from next door made a extremely loud bump, well I woke up awake, so awake that an hour later at 5am I gave up and got up. So I quickly made this card for Di Hickman sketch#4. When I saw the sketch I saw ribbons which I used but now its finished I feel something is missing and its probably my mojo or just plain lack of sleep.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

All I got for Christmas

Did you all get what you wanted for Christmas. I got a Disney cricut cartridge with all the dwarfs looking forward to making Mr Grumpy for you know who. Also got the paper dolls cartridge not only the dolls but the accessories look good for card making. Got loads of other stuff but the best of the bunch has to be the telly turntable, my amm tote sits on it beautifully and now spins round, need to have a bit of a sort out cos it didn't have room to spin where it used to live.
No crafting has been done and off to Sis later this morning but have decided on some 2008 projects. First is a A-Z journal about me, having that scare lately has made me realised that this would've have been something I should've of done, Creative World are doing prompts every couple of weeks so this will help spur me on. Also its MIL 80th Birthday and doesn't seem to need anything so I will make her an album like Sis and myself did for our Mum.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Disney Tree

So with a DD who worked for Mickey Mouse for nearly a year and sent us numerous parcels with Disney Christmas decorations its no wonder that this year we have a Disney Tree.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'm Free

This week, we the DCM team, would like you to design a card using a magazine 'freebie' . Either a craft magazine freebie, or indeed any other magazine freebie, papers, embellishments, tools, etc. anything really, as long as it came from a magazine.
So thats the challenge so I used the 3d embellishments of the flip flops and handbag from this months Papercraft Inspirations, the paper is free from Scrapbook Inspirations, even the card came from a goodie bag.
Just would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Good News

It's now official my brain is normal. Now I know that my family and friends will beg to differ but I have it in black and white that it is indeed normal, whoa that's a relief. So my lost of hearing and tinnitus is due to a damage cochlear far better than what it could've of been.
Now onto crafting, here's my party magnolia's used BG Phoebe I think, lots of cutting out, the idea for the heart came from here they had used a circle and some gems but I was pleased with just the heart instead. I made the Anniversary labels because this will be ideal for my Mum and Dad's anniversary in February, you can't say I'm not organised.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Di Hickman Sketch #3

No time for Scrapbooking but managed to do Di Hickman sketch#3 with Artic Frog papers and Maggie from Sugar Nellies at Funky kits and I used a stamps away stamp for the Birthday label. Starting the clean up for Christmas, a tin of Quality Street has somehow been opened so resisting the temptation.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


The very last card made for Christmas from Mum to Sis, used my BG Figgy Pudding a stamp from a couple of years back.
Di Hickman sketch is up and looks good for a sugar nellie sitting on my desk ready to be made into a card.
Been and done all the Christmas food shop, made sure that the dates were good and if they weren't we went without but I think we did pretty good. Yes we have too much, no I can't see that we will eat all and yet we've brought much less this year and it seems to have cost us more!!
Certainly looks like Christmas outside, when we were driving to the shops the car was saying it was -7 outside and that was at 9am.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hamish and Angus

Don't you just love the little dog, when Hamish and Maggie went online to buy at Funky kits by the time I got there, no Angus so I managed not to be tempted but over the weekend there he was. So yesterday they arrived and I had seen this blog and wanted to make a card with a split front. Ok mine is no way as good as the original but I love it anyway and will be having another go at this shape card.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I've been scrapping

Yes finally some scrapbooking, I've been wanting to scrap these photos for a while. They're photos sent to me by Sis with her phone so I daren't making the pics larger. Everytime they go out to their second home in Spain Sis always sends us photos with Mr Grumpy drinking or eating in our favourite places. I also managed to use some of Crate paper that was in my stash.
Still haven't found our uninivited guest, had all the dining room furniture on the patio to clean up the mess he's left. Having to hold DH back from blitzing the kitchen for him.
I've found some great blogs since doing the challenges and dares for cardmakers so I thought yesterday it would be nice to add to my blog links. I don't blog from the links on here I have them all in my favourites and the list gets longer each day there are some fabulous crafty blogs out there. So there I was merrily adding them and then I closed the page without saving changes I could of scream (OK I did) so will try another day.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Mousey Monday

Di Hickman is on the look out for cardmakers to design for her sketches and has posted a new sketch. Now I would love to have a go for this but is wouldn't be fair to make such a commitment when I can't guarantee that my health would allow to stick to deadlines, but that doesn't mean I can't have a go with the sketch. Shrink plastic star, stamped with brilliance ivy and I got out my krylon gold pen and inked the edges ( thanks Jan for reminding me I have one). Then I punched loads of stamps from a docrafts punch that is really for borders but it had different sizes stars so was ideal. I was going to chop of the stars in line with the card so it looked like they were going off the page but decided I quite liked them.

Now we have a problem, you may remember the mouse well he's back, last week I had to clean up the mess again, I had relaxed a bit a put in a coffee bag, well he opened that made huge mess and he attempted to eat the jar of peanut butter, by attempt I mean he eaten the cap right down to the glass. Well he hasn't be back, trust me you would know. So there's me sitting on the PC and I'm sure I can hear rustling so called DH who looked under the glass cabinet to find DS sandwiches when he was working and was too lazy to throw in the BIN partially beening eaten by a mouse. We opened the patio doors and tried to encouraged it out but it felt the cold and refused to go. So it was last seen almost running over my feet and under the kitchen cabinets, I stopped DH from pulling out the kitchen. Now DD thinks its sad because she is sure the poor thing has only three feet and wouldn't survive in the wild and it is Christmas. Bah Humbug.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Inside and out

Inside and Out
Hi everyone Gillian here, and it's my turn to dare you all this week
I dare you to take the design of your card to the inside as well as the outside.
Add a little finishing touch to match the theme on the outside,or Surprise the receiver with a flap, foldout, decorated journal block to write on,or one of those pop-out delights....It really adds so much to a card when there is attention to detail on the insideas well as the outside. I know some of you are finished your Christmas cards alreadyso this week it's Any theme, Christmas or notBut make the inside count too :)
When I saw this dare I immediately thought of this card that I made at a class with Vanessa at a Authors and Artists craft day sometime last year, sorry I don't know her last name. I made quite a few last year as Wedding cards. The papers are Chatterbox, the flower word is stampin up and the tag stamps are stamp away from Clevercut. Velums, brads and flowers all out of my stash.
I'm in the doghouse, made a card specially for Mum and Dad and the kids so who did I forget. Hubby gave me a Christmas card last, whoops now I've got to unpack the Christmas papers which I thought I had put away for another year. I given up trying to scrapbook this weekend.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


So carry on from the baby theme here's two more cards, this time I used the New Arrival cricut cartridge. This cartridge is one of best ones, I've used it for cards and for some scrapbooking LO's.
I've managed to do the Christmas Card from Mum to Sis, bright coloured paper, loads of ribbon, glitter everywhere and it says daughter and son-in law and for added bonus it fits through the slot for ordinary post so Sis won't have to pay the extra. Just need to put an insert with some really soppy words. Can't show it here yet (honestly its not too bad secretly pleased with how it turned out)
I was thinking of scrapbooking yesterday but I got sidetracked by finding out the dares on Daring Cardmakers it took the rest of my time yesterday but its done just waiting for light to be able to photo it.
Both parcels have arrived, Paperarts yesterday so well stocked up with herma for Christmas and Scrapagogo arrived this morning but in my excitement of it arriving spilt tea all over the mouse and now it doesn't work luckily have the old one. Discovered why we got another one its so SLOW.

Friday, December 14, 2007

It's a ?

So I'm ready for DS when he needs a card. I used Di Hickman sketch#2, magnolia stamp of Tingla and you can see I've chopped of the pony tail for the boy. The papers were some really old stash. Going to make another couple more but different because I would like to send DS friends a card too.
DS ask what I wanted for Christmas now I've already got i-pod for my birthday which was really expensive unfortunately I said the first thing that was in my head. Walt Disney Cricut cartridge the one with the dwarfs in. Then I couldn't help myself I told him Craft & Co had 10% off this week but they close on Saturday DD offered to take him there ( I saw her eyes light up when I suggested the cartridge) so off they went and at least with DD going I know I'll get the right one. Now to work on DH I think I would prefer the Paper Dolls rather then the other Disney because the one I'm hopefully getting not only has the dwarfs it has sleeping beautys fairies too.
So here we are nearly Christmas waiting for parcels, I know my Scrapagogo left on the 10th and Paperarts on the 11th, now before my Sis freaks out the Paperarts one is full of Herma with DD home my stash of it is dissappearing and I didn't put a lot else in my basket.
My Sis would also like to let you know that the Make It show is in January not Feb, which is what I put on my last post.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Last of the Layouts

The last of the layouts from weekend, if you had seen how bright this was you would of thought I was crazy. To start with I was going for a summer LO but couldn't find the right photos so decided to use Loo's birthday pics where someone brought her Pin the tail on donkey kit. If you click on the pic I think it comes up larger, same with the pic in the last post.

Still laying low though I did manage to go to Craft & Co to wish then luck in their next venture, they're closing down the Brick and Mortar shop, they're still going to be online, and doing monthly demo, crops and doing events like the make it show in Feb. I will miss their shop and my chats, Jane and Jo are lovely so must make room in my diary for the crops etc.

DS friend's baby is due in the next week so I've made a girl card using a magnolia tingla and hoping to make a boy card by chopping off the ponytail and using Di Hickman sketch but will upload that tomorrow still waiting for it to be light enough to photo. Also had a phone call from my Mum she wants a daughter and her husband card so need to get out the glitter card, ribbon and anything else that OTT.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Another layout from Saturday using crate paper which I love. I used the photos from Scrapcamp. Taking it easy today I think lifes caught up with me again.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


So here's one of three layouts finished from Saturday. Linda shows how to do the layout and we finish off we pics and embellishments. I had to change it a bit because my photos didn't suit it where you overlap the cardstock, so I couldn't use the title snips and snails, but Sheila's daughter Debbie suggested Smiler because even with his eyes closed he was smiling away.
My spare Christmas cards are gone so I'm going to have to make some more seems my Christmas Card List from memory isn't very good!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Bag Lady

First something crafty, this is a magnolia stamp that I had brought recently but haven't used till now. I used scraps of doodlebug and chatterbox papers.
Had a great time at Creative Scrapbooking Company and managed not to visit Leatherhead on the way home. I now have three double LO to finish off with photos.
Now you know how I refer to my Sis has my very own bag lady well here's a pic of the bag lady herself courtesy of Janet who had her camera handy at Scrapbuddies Crop. Usually she would be carry my tool tote that I had put in my roller tote and sometimes I would have Stanley too depends on how organised I am, at least I can carry my handbag!

To be honest although I joke and tease my Sis I wouldn't be able to go to half the places we do go if it wasn't for her, even though its all her fault by introducing me to the scary world of papercraft in the first place.
Now I was very good not spending too much on Saturday but there was a parcel when I got home and I have to thank my Postman because it had the wrong house number and he knew it was for me. It had come on the way from Sweden, some fab Magnolia stamps, some are really for Christmas, but I've a little Tingla and Party Magnolia and Edwin who will work on loads of other cards can't wait to use them.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Di Hickman December #1

At last I've managed to do Di Hickman card sketch December #1 its not quite like the sketch has I had to make the middle bit smaller for the little cupcakes and the layers for large cupcake just got bigger still it did inspire how I laid the card out. I've been wanting to use this cupcake stamp from Magnolia, you get a large cupcake and a small one. Have to say apart from another card drying haven't done much today. Which is just as well because I'm in for another busy weekend.

Today I'm off to Edgeware to Creative Scrapbooking Company for a day's class with Linda and Sunday its off to the Scrapbuddies crop at Mychett Community Centre, if you in the area drop in. Janet is always on hand for any scrapbooking beginner and Fairykaren is happy to help with any card making query and with the lastest stash and gadgets.

Sleeps till Santa

I saw the Christmas tree on this blog which linked you to here for the tutorial. OK my tree is not as good but I was pleased how quick you can make them. So I had my tree and now I wanted to do Sleeps till Santa which I first saw on UKS by gertie, I believe she found it on two peas. Now because I wanted to use my tree, I had to make a huge stand for it and the blocks. I used BG figgy pudding wish I brought more of it.
This morning I had my scan to check that there isn't anything else but paper and herma in my head, it was done really quick so hoping thats a good sign.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


This is for Daringcardmakers dare last Friday
This week its Rhi here to Dare you... and the theme is to do with our feathered friends!(Are you remembering to feed them now it's chilly out)Robins, love birds, cartoon birds, stamped birds, paper pieced birds, dingbat birds. Its up to you. I dare you to make a card with a bird or birds on, it doesn't have to be a real species, the more weird and wonderful the better!
So I had the owls from Stamps Away brought from Clevercut and the ducks were a penny black stamp that I hadn't used yet. I used mellow paper for the owls and tried to make a sunset behind the ducks but it didn't work very well

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Wet Wednesday

While up MIL went to see DH Auntie who has just had a new knee put in, gosh she was looking really well, I had made this Get Well card using some old papers that I've had for ages and a large flower.
Today I shall finish the card I started on Friday before we went away, it was for the daringcardmakers dare and just take it easy.
Ooops forgot to upload my challenge LO. This is my team on UKS challenge.
We are the Yummy Mummys and here is our challenge.3rd December 1948 Ozzy Osbournes Birthday so... use something metal 10pts4th of December 1610 Americas first Thanksgiving so... use the colours red ,white or blue 10pts1886 Clarence Birdseye inventor of the deep freezing process was born so... scrap a moment in time you would like to freeze using a photo or journalling. 10 points
Beening away this weekend meant I missed the release of the challenge.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hi Honey I'm home

Finally back from MIL, DD thinks that I'm a shopperholic cos I buy something from everyshop. We went Oswaldtwistle Mill, great place for Christmas Presents and it just so happens to have Topaz Crafts there, the Queen of Craft Dawn Biddy was there wearing a sparkly christmas waistcoat doing Make and Takes but didn't stay and watch, I had found another craft shop to visit. The Craftrange was on the way back so we had to stop. We also visited the The range where I brought some tinsel and some DCWV stacks. Staples had some Really useful boxes, Morrisons sells craft mags and B&Q brought a birdie feeder.
Jake turned one on Saturday and here's the card I made using the cricut cartridge New Arrival, hand drawn clouds and load of inking. I was really pleased how it turned out then I realised had to make a box.