Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Here some cards I've made before the holiday, first is Jo Kill little bear with background paper left over BG and the font I used for the greeting was chiller, a happy mistake. The second one I made for Sis as a thank you from Mum used up some scraps of crate paper and some buttons. Next is decoupage flowers from graphicus stamp not the best card but had already given that one to Mum and Dad for their wedding anniversary. Making a couple of sympathy cards at the moment then I must finish the Boys LO. Can't print photos cos the printer seems to scratch the paper its cheaper to get a new one than pay to get one repaired. I have all the spring break photos, two great pics of Tim under the sea and loads of Jake would like to get them printed ready for the crop on the 11th March with the girls from a local LSS then of course we've got the mod scraps crop on the 24th March.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

spring break

Theses photo are really for DD and also to prove that the weather apart from two days were sunny and warm. We took hats, coats and gloves and only used the coats in the evening. Have to say didn't like the bridge in Barcelona it had no handrails and I was in a wheelchair with two grown up kids wanted to push me close to the edge to see the sea. Yeah right what they really meant was how quickly I would scream. Theres also a little Irish pub which the boys thought Guinness so I was left at the top of a slope, at this point I hadn't worked out where the brakes were which would of been handy while i continued down the slope on my own while the other three were in stitches of laughter.

Monday, February 26, 2007

This pic if for DD its from the first lot of snow we had at the begining of Feb but blogger wouldn't load it for me. It snowed again heavier this time but didn't bother to photo it.

Well we popped up to see MIL and I popped into WHS brought several mags (rubbish telly sat evening) also popped into The range I only brought a few things but it worked at £40 how did that happen.

Friday, February 23, 2007

New Faces

Yippee blogger loves me again. Heres my pencilines LO, its the one by Elsie Flannigan so I had to do it. I cut out the flowers and some of the lettering. The winnies I cut out and layered. Have to say it does look better in real life.
Popped up to see the girls at my LSS but they were busy elsewhere but Karyn and Linda (I think) were there so I showed off Kirsty Trash book and Giselle Xmas book and Hils christmas tree decoration that we made at the day event in December. Wasn't going to buy anything cos I'm going to US in less than 7 week but they had some 12 by 12 papers including some chatterbox 6 sheets for £1.50 and then I saw some new Stampendous perfectly clear stamps so I had to buy that too. Won't get chance to use them this weekend of to see DH mum. So lets hope Blogger still loves me.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Well I've been to Sunny Spain for a week so hopefully blogger is mended and this will work. Look its let me load a pic this is the recycle challenge on Mod Scraps. I used a pizza lid ( now if you a scrapbooker then you probably got quite a few of these) pulled of some of the cover has shown by Kirsty at Scrapcamp Day Event. The used some of the sample books that DH rescued out of a skip at work. They were soft furnishing books. So that where I got the large piece of material, the letters were from samples of leather sofas, the discs were curtain braids that I swirled together, the sacking aquired from Sis who herself salvaged it out the rubbish bin at her school and a nice bit of bazzill. The photos were from Louise who was a zookeeper for a day at colchester zoo. Now lets see if it will publish.

Monday, February 05, 2007


Huh you might let me post but not to upload pic seriously thinking of moving


Mr Blogger are you going to work today