Friday, November 30, 2007


I know I said I would show J's card but I finally managed to do DCM tuesday little extra which was Hang up your stockings. I used last years Francoise Read's stocking, the bottom one is the class one that I did with Francoise last year. I'm alway amazed how this woman take a few inks and some plain card and turn it into a finished card. In this case she used some patterned paper and matching ink that we then used to shadow the the image to make it more 3D. The top one is my today's version using papermania papers from last year, I'm quite pleased how it turned out and it the colours DD loves so thats her card sorted. Have some blue scraps so maybe I'll do another for DS.

Back Tuesday.

Di Hickman Nov #4

This card is looks really pretty in real life but for some reason will not photo well. The stamp is another Francoise Read Woodware clear stamps. I made loads of cards with this set helped by an article in a mag called Stamping Art which only lasted for four issues, but I checked the date out which was 2004. Francoise had used chalks and pencils but I used my brilliance ink in Orchid a scrap of patterned paper rediscovered my pearlescent paper and accent beads for the centres.
Tomorrow off to MIL till Tuesday but will pop on with J's card. Hopefully will find a craft shop even if its The Range, DH is convinced we have time to go to Oswaldwistle Mill which houses Topaz crafts. He doesn't mind going there cos theres loads of normal stuff!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Father Christmas

Well here are the Father Christmas Magnolias, I used Rusty Pickle christmas papers and a Crafters workshop template for the scallop square. I've made my get well card but its so dark here I'll have to wait till later to photo it. Di Hickman Nov #4 sketch it up so will have a go at that later. Don't think I will have a chance to do the challenge on UKS this week.
Thank you for the lovely comments about my hearing, I consider myself lucky its only my right ear.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday Bears

These Polar bears are so easy, you stamp them, paint with very pale blue for shadowing, a bit of glitter then just layer them how you want. The first one is cutting out the middle of the cuttlebug snow letters and making a frame which Andrea has done with some of her cards. The paper is craft creations.
Today I've planned an easy day to recover from my busy one, but there are Magnolia Father Christmas's ready to be assembled, few more Polar bears and I've a get well card for DH Auntie.
Yesterday I found out that my hearing loss is permanent and they need to confirm the reason, it could be because I've had high blood pressure and a blood vessel may have burst and damaged the cochlear. So now I'm waiting for an appointment for a MRI scan.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Finally the much awaited for Magnolia's, have been waiting a while for these but I knew this cos I've had to wait ages for the last lot from a different store. This time the stamps arrived the day the owner gave birth to her twins so there was an understandable delay but they are here and one of the stamps is this gorgeous windmill which I have cheekily stamped with Luca from Sugar Nellies with some mellow BG. I also have a Magnolia Santa running amok in my craft room with Francoise's Polar Bears. J's card is finished then I realised I can't show it here yet as GRANDMA reads my blog.
It looks like a craft free day, off to the hospital today to see why I've lost hearing in my right ear and then this evening off for a curry with the girls from work.
I believe I may run out of herma (DD helps herself) at Christmas so I must do some shopping online.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Moody Monday

Here's the last of the double LO's that I did a few weeks ago in Edgeware, finished it off at the crop yesterday. Thanks Pippa for helping me, I didn't want to use an orange coloured 'd' so she suggested the 'p' upside down it worked a treat. The pics are MIL slides again, papers scenic route, alpha sticker and chipboard with some rub ons from various companies and the last of chunky words from W R Memories.
Had to laugh at the girls at the crop they would like to choose their christmas card from my blog!
I need to wrap some pressies for the weekend to take to MIL and write some cards, finish J's card and finish the last of those Christmas Cards.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Scrapbuddies Sunday

well here's my weekly challenge on UKS, you had to scrap something Foreign so instead of Disney I stole some pic of DD and her friends riding over the Golden Gate Bridge. Multi photos, yep done that, something blue, I made the flower five layers of card cut from the cricut stuck together and painted. The last thing was sparkly but I couldn't imagine it with sparkly and I only lost five points so I can live with that.
Believe it or not I don't have a lot of stash packed for the crop today just my tool tote and shoulder bag just enough stuff to finish of the LO from the other week and on my desk is pieces of J's birthday card not convince its good enough.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Polar Bears

The last lot of Christmas cards for the moment, I'm in the middle of my UKS challenge LO, then I must do J's 1st birthday card. Tomorrow off to the Scrapbuddies Crop at Mychett Community Centre 10.30-4 so will try to finish the last LO from Creative Scrapbooking Company, then its back to those pesky little cards. The globe card was very easy just cut the globe out with the cricut christmas cheer and then used Francoise Polar bears ( the ones that went missing that belong to Sis who has now mislaid them) and some snowflake paper cut into circles, bit of glitter and a little bow.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Bah Humbug

I've had enough now my Card Tally is now 80 and I think I deserve a rest, so I'm scrapbooking today. I've used up some BG from last year and some gold card. The first is my Di Hickman Sketch Nov#3, on her blog there are some great examples. Has you can see I used swirls with a scrap of BG.
The next card I used my cricut to cut out the the letters and the holly, loads of inking and used gold paper to highlight it all.
Yesterday I convince DH I needed some essentials like glue and we popped up to craft & co their brick & mortar shop closes on 15 December which is a shame cos its five minutes away and handy if you run out of something like glue (thats what I told DH). They plan to do crops and demo days nearby and bring the shop with them. But I did manage to top up my white bazzill, chalk pads and several BG figgy pudding slipped in too, oh and I brought glue.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Brain Training

Yep I think I need Brain Training, I have found the Christmas Cards I made couple of months ago so with the ones I did yesterday my total is now 68. Thank Goodness for that, I tried quick and easy, I thought using the die cuts would speed things along, yeah right. First of all these quickutz snowflakes are in parts, and the tiny little holes need to be popped out but once that was done I used a Di Hickman sketch from October and assembly was really quick.
DS wants a tropical fish tank but he doesn't want to start small and work up OH NO lets get the biggest he can fit in his flat. So was dragged out looking for tanks, the fish were pretty though.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


OK I know its a made up word but my little school of Magnolias are made and glitterzised and my Christmas card total is now 47 only 53 to go. I've got two more Sugar Nellies but I must make some fast cards. So I've got out all my old mags out to find some quick and easy ones, not convinced I've found any I like.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This is the card I've made for Nephew for his birthday next month have almost finished the Magnolias they just need glitterizised. I've made a Christmas card list and found out I'm not even halfway, so I need to make up some quick and easy ones. Another thing that is distracted me at the mo, is MIL slides look my DS loved his sister once. DS says is all well and good but they keep appearing on Facebook and he rather they didn't. Now I know its not me so DD has worked out where the pics are.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Magnolias

Well my Christmas cards stand at 42 and DH wants to know why I also do complicated things and not make them simple. To be honest the watercolouring takes a bit of time then I stamped a hero arts word stamp behind her, the layering was the easy bit. I have some more of these lovelies all coloured and waiting to made into more cards. I've used the Rusty Pickle that I brought with cards in mind and scraps of Scenic Route.
So thats the plan this week to finish off my Christmas cards so by the first weekend of December they're all be ready to send. We've always had presents and cards sorted out for that weekend cos thats when we go to MIL, after that we're used to be so busy with school concerts, dancing concerts etc, now its DH who will be busy with work with my BIL. I will do the UKS weekly challenge and I have a special card to do for someone's 1st Birthday. Well thats the plan now lets see if it works.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Summer of 1982

Ok weekly challenge on UKS done, had to follow a sketch, used circles and stamping. All present so points for my team. I'm glad I joined a team its made me do the challenges which in turn I think my scrapbooking has got better. Here I used cherryarte papers from Scrapstudio kit, cricut New Arrival for the boats and Summer circle stamp from Clevercut.
My Sis has been to a craft shop without me and picked up her Bind it All, hoping to get mine soon and I'm waiting for a couple more Sugar Nellies I know they left Scotland on Friday so hopefully they'll be here Monday.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Best laid plans

I only had a few bits to do on my LO but DH came home the car had to go to the garage and then he wanted my help to sort out some stuff, so by the time I finished the LO is was quite late. But determined to play with my Pirate Sugar Nellie and if you have one pirate you have to do a couple more. I've used some Junkitz extreme boy and 7 gipsies (I think) that I had.
Well the car is better and DH is out of my hair today and I've chosen the pics and paper for the weekly challenge that I can show, so thats the plan today and tomorrow must get down to some more christmas cards and maybe I really should write out that christmas card list. I'm only avoiding doing the list cos I really don't want to know how many cards I actually need.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Card Sketch

Yes I did Di Hickman Card Sketch Nov#2 and really pleased with how it turned out. I was strong and only made one so that I could do that Challenge LO which apart from one or two things to be stuck on is finished. Won't be able to show you cos its a secret and all will be revealed in December. Back to the card I used the cuttlebug embossed folder and anyone who knows me will be impressed that I actually torn the paper. I used the matching die and layered on mirri card. So today because I've been good and got the challenge finished I shall be playing with my Sugar Nellies can't wait to play with the Pirate.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I have Sugar Nellies

The Postman delivered them yesterday, so I had to stop what I was doing, I've only used two of the four because I must I really must do the teamie challenge LO. The first is Luca using mellow BG papers and poor Nellie with the cake had to make do with some scraps so not sure whose papers. I have a Pirate (still have some pirate papers from early this year) Nellie with a flower and I nearly forgot that a Magnolia stamp fell in my basket that arrived as well Matilda with a Lantern who I have plans for with some christmas paper. But before I must do the challenge but Di Hickman card sketch is up and an Idea happened, so how long will one card take.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Boys cards

A couple of cards one for my BIL and one ready for January for my nephew. So slowly getting there hopefully today I shall be getting my Sugar Nellies fingers crossed. Last night went to Artists and Authors where Carol was doing a workshop on the cuttlebug, it only proved that I don't use mine enough and Sis's is still in the BOX. Today hopefully start on my team's challenge, I've already decide what I'm doing just need to chose the papers thats if I can stay awake. Didn't sleep well last night and couldn't get back to sleep when DH got up so been awake still 5.30.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Managed to find some pics for another Creative Scrapbooking company LO. I scan the orginals so I do lose some quality but it doesn't help that we're rubbish at photo taking. The photos are still special. I've kept very much to the orginal LO except for the little tag with the year on.
I managed to find Sis's stamps exactly where I left them just couldn't see them! My toes are bruised and swollen. My DH was given a bottle of Whiskey from my Mum for his birthday last night, I offered to hold it in the car my DH replied "with the day you've had, you're not going anywhere near it"
So today is another day, I have another LO from Saturday to finish, weekly challenge on UKS and the Team challenge which is a secret, lost count on the Birthday cards and lets not forget the christmas cards only up to 35.

Monday, November 12, 2007

It's not a good morning

Lets start with the first finished LO from Saturday. We used doodlebug paper and although on Saturday we hadn't inked the papers, I lifted then all off and inked them.

So back to this morning and its not even 9am yet, first the car wouldn't start at like 6am for DH to go to work its probably the battery but by the time we had sorted it out I'm now wide awake so no going back to sleep. Whilst tidying up decided to put the DVD I borrowed from my nephew with my sis Polar bears stamps so they wouldn't be forgotten. So went in my room to find a large artbin about to fall went to put it on the floor, it was heavier than I thought and my hand didn't have the strength to hold it and it fell out of my hand onto my foot(it was full of chipboard). I'm surprised my DD didn't wake up and have I found the Polar bears NO. I think I need to go back to bed and start again.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

wk1 November challenge

I was going to get some firework pic off the internet but decided I will use the ones DD took at Disney they may not be perfect but they're still memories. I stamped and embossed the the lettering using sparkling embossing powder I also did the banana frog stamp the same way do, overcooked the Remembering. Acetate doesn't like being photo but I'm still happy how the LO turned out.
I've now got 3 double LOs to find photos for and Sis has added another birthday to my list plus my team on UKS are doing the weekly challenge soon so I have to do a LO for that too.
On the 11th day of the 11th month at 11 o'clock please remember them.

Friday, November 09, 2007

And there's more

If you make a brilliant card well you just have to do some more and maybe change the colour, so thats my Christmas cards total up by 9. Many thanks to Di Hickman's sketch
So off to Edgeware today, going to be good about my spending, especially has I've brought some Sugar Nellies a bit disappointed cos I think I may have missed the best ones but to make up I brought a couple of Matildas.

Yesterday was a bit sad with my work mate's funeral but she had the most gorgeous coffin it was painted with a beach scene all the way round it looked stunning. I had never seen the chapel so full they couldn't close the doors because people were in the foyer unable to get in. Feel so sad for her family she was their rock.

On a happier note I've been downloading itunes including one from Linkin Park does this make me COOL.

Di Hickman Wednesday Card Sketch

I've always meant to do Di Hickman sketches, I look at them and think great next time I make a card and before you know it, its next week. So yesterday I decided to make a card using the sketch, how long can a card take. The papers are Doodlebug but the free ones from one of the mags, quickutz snowflake and the sewing is by hand and suddenly this one card takes longer than it should've. Yes I know I could use Damon(my sewing machine) but we are still not on speaking terms and straight lines just aren't going to happen. But I do love how its turn out, although the pic doesn't show the glitter on the snowflake.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Yes I know more Angels but I promise this is the last of them cos I'm now bored of making them. But I have no crafty things to report due to shopping yesterday and a long journey home, an accident before we got onto the M25 brought us to a standstill and doubled our journey time home, just hope no-one was badly hurt.
So my Christmas Card toll is 26 and I need twice that at least but I've lost my card list when the PC was restored so it could be more. I've also got to make a BIL card, J's first birthday, a nephew card and 18th card for another nephew ideally soon so it doesn't feel like card making on demand. Also I need to do the weekly challenge on UKS, didn't do it last week. Guess I better make a start.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

More Angels

Off to Bluewater to make a start on the Christmas Shopping. So leaving you with some more Angels but this time using last years Papermania papers.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Angel Alert

Its sad but true but I only managed to make 12 cards all of which are these JudiKins angels, they were stamped, coloured matching gown stamped and cut out. These four are made with DCWV christmas papers from last year.