Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rain stopped play

What an awful weekend, it rained and rained. Went to Mychett crop on Sunday had a lovely time there was only eleven of us but we did have a giggle. Nicki even managed to come but girl she must be a glutton for punishment to put up with us. Managed a mini book for DD to pack with her sweets we brought for her.
DS is home because of the French Open and I'm having to book an appointment to get on the computer.
I'm disapointed that I didn't do the challenge on the design collective but I had hoped to do it yesterday but we spent so much time as DS place and wouldn't have been able to finish it and I would love some Banana Frog products.
Need to finish off one of BOB LO then do UKS weekly challenge.

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Chelsea Flower Show

Sis got 2 tickets at Christmas from her DD, she invited me to go with her and we were going by train. Have to say I was actually dreading it because Sis would have had to struggle with the wheelchair , bags and stuff. Then we discovered that you can take a carer free if you are a wheelchair user. Sis even rang couldn't believe you can get something for nothing.
I have to apologies about the train comment on an early post because we got a third of our train tickets and they asked if we could manage the stairs not sure how they would have managed it but I believe they would have got me over to the other side of the tracks.
At Chelsea we were directed to the exhibitors entrance no waiting for bag seaches straight in.
It was bumping and I'm suffering a bit today but thats not unexpected. Managed to see most things in the Floral Display and the Pavilion, there was no prob with the shops cos we went back for another look later but it was a struggle to see the gardens in the end gave them up and sent Sis to take photos. Did see Elaine Page didn't realise she was so tiny. It was quite difficult to take photos so Sis you better have some good ones or else. Heres one of the few that was on my camera and the rest aren't bad either.
On the scrapbooking struggling with BOB and now a list of Bday cards is catching up with me, really is inconsiderate for my brother to be 60, and this list is full of Mens yuck.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I've cheated for the UKS challenge you had to use a photo of yourself, well I did for the one on UKS gallery but this is a photo I wanted to use. I used pink and lime green, the journalling is under the flower and yes there is journalling. Used a bit of ribbon and felt flowers in middle of some of the flowers for fabric so I reckon on full points, then I quickly ripped out the photo and put the one I wanted. I used one of the Design Collective classes Jennies I think.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I thought a couple of the LO's I've done recently should be loaded to my blog. Not sure if I like Yates & Sons the paper is cosmo cricket and is lovely but maybe I've used too much. The pic are of DS at the end of 1982 with his Grandad and his Daddy, the pics were slides so they printed out quite well.

The other LO is the challenge on UKS, use a movie title, stars, bling, old stash and green. Well forget the green no way was that going on the LO and the star I managed at last minute to find on some Junkitz extreme boy paper that I brought at Mod Scraps the other paper is rusty pickle. The title printed from the PC and loads of inky brown. Now why the monkey dressed up as a Pirate. Well thats because Monkey is a build a bear I built a few years back but I thought the outfits were so expensive and I had OH with me. So while we were in the US and the exchange rate is so good if I saw a build a bear shop I would buy Monkey an outfit. So while were in the Florida Mall picked up the Pirate outfit simply because everywhere went it was all about Pirates. Have to say my Sis and DD disowned me when they knew what I was doing.

Now for something political, why is it with all the laws about disability, how we are not to be called Disabled, how shops must be laid out so wheelchair users can get in and out etc and we should not be discriminated against, so why is it I have to ring to ask for help to use a train. I'm lucky enough to be able to managed stairs although if I have a bad day I wouldn't be going out anyway, but to go by train at Farnborough Hants I would be advise to go to another station more accessible for a wheelchair.

Monday, May 21, 2007


Not posting since Wednesday so whats be happening. Thursday spent most of it at DS helping to clean his flat basically didn't do much really and what I did do worn me out, but the flat is now clean. Friday I cleaned the grill pan and oven shelves big mistake and I'm still suffering today but that is mainly because I didn't get time to rest over the weekend.
Saturday off to Mod Scraps crop I only did one class, I was still stiff especially after the long journey but I did do the UKS challenge for this week, but the team who set it that week some of them were at the crop and came up to see what I done which was really nice. Mandy is putting up the details of Scrapcamp on Sunday and because today is Monday I know that Kirsty Wiseman and Jane Dean are the UK teachers which is great, loved both the classes I have done with Kirsty and have admired Jane Deans work for a long time. The US teachers are Maria Grace Abuzman and Teresa McFayden whose work I've only peeked at but look great. Of course I've booked.
Sunday we spent shopping with DS, I brought him the vacum cleaner and the microwave for his new house gift and he brought everything and I mean everything he needed, the kingsize bed, the bedding, iron and ironing board, laundry box, toaster, saucepans and frying pan, glasses, telephones, clothers drier, shredder, a cuddly toy shaped like a football, a awful picture that was brought because I didn't like it, curtains that Sis hang up for him. I was shattered then we took my Dad to the Hospital to see Mum ( she doesn't seem to realise that the only person keeping her there is herself).
Today is wet and dull and I am exhausted and in quite a lot of pain but I'm glad that I managed but today is a quiet day just resting because on Thursday I need to be well because I'm off to the Chelsea Flower show I hope to take loads of pics.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Yes at last my TSV has arrived, I was getting annoyed cos everyone had theirs even Scrapdolly and she was pleased with hers. Well its brill the papers were not that bad but it worth it for the chipboard and stickers. I brought two one for my Sis if she liked it well it didn't take her long to say yes.
Managed to get myself locked out yesterday something I won't be able to live down. Sis was taking my Dad to DS flat so she picked me up, I grabbed the elephant keyring in the bowl and shut the door behind then realising I forgot my handbag went to open the door to find out I had the carkey. I had DS flat key but its empty not so much as a kettle for a cup of tea. Sis was going to Craft & Co and I had no money but rang OH on Sis mob to meet me there and used his card.

Have brought rusty pickle pirate paper for the challenge on UKS still haven't started on BOB and realised I need to make an anniversary card.

Oh and DS he's not moving till he sorts out the telly and internet, he hoping to get Sky and broadband rather than Virgin it could be weeks but at least this afternoon I get my Dining Room back.

Monday, May 14, 2007


Here's some pages I've done in a 6 by 12 format then used a book ring to connect them. I used Shimelle's idea on the Fiskars website thingy, real pleased how they have turned out. Some of the pics I can't show cos I'm saving that for the BOB not that I have a chance and if I don't get my finger out won't have completed the 6 LO's that I vaguely want to do.
Had a lovely weekend with my Sis and my nephew looking at flats and houses some were nice and some were UGH. Finishing off the weekend was a lovely roast beef sunday lunch made by my sister's fair hand and seeing my Great Nephew who is such a little character already.
At last my DS is now a home owner and he collects the keys after work, just imagine less washing, no ironing awful shirts no mess BLISS

Friday, May 11, 2007

Mr Blair

Yesterday Mr Blair declared he is stepping down as PM and recalled his achievements, one of which is the NHS service, which is rubbish. I am scared s******s that I might have to go into hospital for anything cos of all the bugs I might come home with, babies being born in corridors and two midwifes managing a ward of 24 women. As for waiting lists I had a procedure which I waited for 9 months that wasn't neccessary to avoid being put on a surgery waiting list of course this procedure wasn't a goverment waiting list so it looks like I only waited 7 months for surgery which the NHS hospital paid a private hospital to do and are now millions in the red and is under threat of being closed. The scary thing I don't have faith that the other parties would be any better.
Moneywise are we any better, nope because although both OH and myself are in low paid jobs we are and always have been a few pounds above the poverty line and always worse off when ever there is a budget. Minium wage is Scotland goes a lot farther up there then it does down here in the southeast.
Right off my soapbox off to hide somewhere

Thursday, May 10, 2007


At last some actual news, DS has exchange contracts on his flat/maisonette and completion is next monday. Finally I might get my dining room back and Andrea's room will no longer look like a dumping ground. We shall be able to do some decorating well not me but OH I shall do my best to supervise.
Here' this weeks challenge on UKS where they are having a bit of do about the QVC threads. Its all to do with the fact QVC isn't a sponsor and over the weekend the thread about the TSV got so many hits that the mods closed the threads. Shame really if it wasn't for QVC many scrapbooker/cardmakers wouldn't even know about UKS and how often does QVC have a decent TSV for scrapbookers. Trouble is I can see both sides of the coin so has a libra who can't make a decision I shall sit on the fence.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Here's a 6 by 12 LO which seems to be the lastest trend at the moment. I didn't actually like it but I'm going to use the format for a book like Shimelle did on the Fiskars site but larger well thats the plan.

I lead a very boring life even before my joint probs so I don't have any funny stories of my life, my kids are grown up so they don't have a cute quarks either. The most exciting thing thats happened is it was very windy yesterday and broke some roof tiles and knocked over my rose tree.

Oh well Mandy from Mod Scraps has almost completed Scrapcamp4 and should be online soon, something to look forward to.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Here my weekly challenge on UKS, the pics are scanned from slides. They were taken 25 years ago, gonna go all mushy and say I still remember holding DS in my arms and how well he fitted in them. Ok too much mush.

Lost points on the homemade tag it was a journal preprinted tag otherwise pleased with it. Love how the cricut does shadow cutting its going to be so useful, after cutting by hand and struggle with the pins and needles its going to be a godsend.

Well we've brought a new BBQ so in about an hour and half it shall be raining sorry about that. Also brought some cushioned chairs for outside as well as chimera which DH has been after for ages its cast iron so providing he paints it now and again it should last a while, you can put coals in too and have mini BBQ.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Can't believe I haven't bloged, blame the cold. Haven't done much crafty either made a card for a friend and forgot to scan. I have no old stuff to show cos I've lost it all.

We pick up little Gem today not that kind of gem, a motorised scooter but she's only little so she can fit in the boot of the car. I won't let OH push the manual wheelchair in Guildford High Street so I will be able to bomb up there at 4mph over cobbles I don't think so.

I loaded a pic from the Cyber Crop from the weekend, can't not show a pic