Friday, June 29, 2007


I have one yes just one LO to do for BOB and I'm stuck, I really want to get on with it cos I've some gorgeous crochet flowers from Enfys and I want to use them, she also sent me some crochet heart earrings but I think I will be using them somewhere else.
I have a headache too which is helping the creative flow.
Its neck and neck in the final poll of the monthly challenge, I think I done pretty well to get to the final.
Congratulations to my DD who has graduated from Disney but doesn't actually finish her contract till end of September. Hoping for some pics.
Off to take more pain pills.
Oh by the way some consumer advice don't buy a bed from DREAMS cos DS is still waiting for his that he brought over a month ago.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Mum wants junk for a table top sell at the flats but I told her I don't have junk but if she's nice to me I'll make her some cards. Which is great cos I can use some favourite stamps. Like these shirts all the chaps in our family has had one but they're good fun. All stamped on various scraps of patterned paper. Can't wait to get out my fav daisy stamp.
Popped into Craft & Co, Jo showed us the new website, its looking good not just for shopping but for inspiration too. I was really good today and hardly spent anything keeping the pennies in my pocket for Newbury.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Already done my LO for the weekly challenge. The title had to be a Wham or George Michael song, so I chose American Angel cos that's what my DD is at the mo. Had to use pink and bling, the pink bazzill and pink martini papers took care of the pink and the bling are the brads in the flower centres. The theme was friendship I did have pic of DD with her Auntie but it just didn't work and there's suppose to be a certificate too, I started to make one and just wasn't happy so I made a token which says Walt Disneyworld No 1 Cast Member.

I have won the poll for the Green Buttons Monthly Challenge and will be put forward to the prize poll. I don't mind if I don't win that one just really pleased that I came first in the Green Buttons.

We've had such an awful June but not as awful has some people who have had continuous rain causing terrible floods.

Makes my troubles very small and what is my small trouble. That would be a mouse he's got into the carousel cupboards and tried to get into the packets and left evidence (little black pooh) that he's been. OH said it was a good job he was there and not in my little room (craft room in the outhouse) think of all the paper he could chew AARGH

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Its raining.

It raining, there's a surprise, and the central heating has come on. Could someone tell the weather its JUNE.
Not much happening on the crafty side DH is preparing DD bedroom. The paper I wanted to start the last BOB LO arrived yesterday, those two sheets of paper cost a lot of money something to do with the £26 extra pound I spent to justified the postage.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


I have one more LO to do for BOB and then I can send them a pic of them. I'll be very surprised if I'm in with a chance. There is a lot of fab scrapbookers who are much more original than me. So far each LO I've done, I've discovered someone else as used that element too. Still not going to let it bother me life is far too short. After all I scrapbook pic that I want to good, bad and the ugly.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Here's my Lo for the weekly challenge on UKS out with old in with the new. The first pic is a slide that I scanned and it the only pic of OH and myself when we were courting ( what a old fashion word). We met in the hot summer of 1976, married in 78, so next year year will be our Pearl wedding anniversary. I used a Pagemap sketch very handy if you are in need for inspirations. The metal frame things are what I brought couple of years ago when I first started scrapbooking they had white paper or vellum inside them, so I cut them out and put matching paper inside them, used glossy accents on frame to stick it to the paper. The paper is crate paper, its their baby one can't think of it name. Good old cricut for the title and words.
DD room is nearly empty, still a box of odds and sods to pack. Its rolling in dust and cobwebs and OH said by the time he cleans, wash, fill holes and rub down this weekend it will be another week before we actually get down to painting.
OH helped put together DS desk that he brought for the money he paid for it, I would have expected it to be assembled already. He has also brought a mirror which when he get his bed matches really well, but its heavy and someone's got to hang it on the wall, "so that'll be Dad then" says DS.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


The sun came out briefly yestersday so I could photo my LO for Terries's challenge ( see below for the link, blogger was doing something odd when I tried to link it). Now that I photo it not sure if I like that red flower I think I will have to change it.
Well I'm off to DS flat to wait for a delivery so now scrapping today.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Dull, Dark and Raining

Finished a LO for Terries Blog but the weather is pants and I'll rather photo without the flash (I think I maybe repeating myself sorry) Went to Mychett crop the girls didn't realise it was Father's Day when they booked the dates so altogether there was five of us but the hall was paid for so we were able to spread ourselves out. I planned to do a Disney LO but forgot the paper that I brought specially so started a LO for Chelsea but I shuffled papers for ages before I finally decided what I wanted to do. I think the prob is my neck was playing up yesterday and today all my affected joints seem to be aching not sure why has I haven't done anything I shouldn't have. Everything is bit too much effort today and I can't hide out on UKS because it down while they move servers. Anyway tomorrow is another day.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Monthly Challenge

Heres my UKS monthly challenge if you win you'll get goodies from Craft Emporium, the standard is pretty high so I doubt that I will win but it does make you try and think outside of the box.
UKS goes down tomorrow night till Monday night heaven knows what I shall do without my fix. Hoping to do Terries challenge "secret to a happy life" today and if I don't finish it going to Mychett crop tomorrow.
I've been really bad too cos I paid for my sis cricut on the c/c and the bill has been paid Sis paid me the other day after we took out what I owed her (nao from Spain) I've used the money to buy two cricut cartridges Printing Press and New Arrival, I also wanted the zoo one or animal kingdom but when do I actually use animals in scrap and card making. I still would like tags boxes and things cos I reckon it would go well with the Fab finds one.
Not going to Mod Scraps Crop at the end of the month the Taxi Driver will be cooing over Baby Jake instead so will have to sort out a card and a pressie for Catie.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


done at last. Love the ribbons saw it on the Traci Hudson blog I think it was a class for her crop, great idea. Full points for me.
Well off out to met my friend from work and MOT at the doctors this afternoon.
Craftywise working on Nannette's CJ then hopefully UKS monthly challenge but I need some photos from Sis for that, wish I was a quick scrapper, I must chuffle the papers alot.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

more cards

Well thats the card list up to date, had a bit of a moment with the waistcoats they are such fun to make and to me what card making is all about, stamping cutting and embellishing. The waistcoat is a funstamps stamp, the new home is made from scraps and Birthday wishes is based on a card I saw in a mag by Diane Grimshaw. So today hopefully will get that weekly done.

We have nearly put up all the new blinds except the living room which is a bay window and could be tricky. And I'm have to take up the slates in dining room not sure whether is was our measuring or BIL eyesight but its 15cm too long I have 16 more slates to go. The plumber is coming this pm to see if we can squeeze a shower in but I don't think its going to work.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Here's my Brother's 60 card inside it pops up 60. I used Kirsty Wiseman sky blue bindi download from her blog. Stamped the waistcoat, shrink plastic watch and made the 60 today. The title was cut from the cricut. I've made a waistcoat for my Dad for Fathers Day so now I have to make a b/day card for him as his birthday falls on the same day.
I've sorted out my photo for the weekly challenge and I have a possible 4 LOs for BOB
DS has gone but rang me a least 3 times last night, have to pop over to his place later he's forgotten his razor.

Monday, June 11, 2007


At last something crafty, this is my weekly challenge on UKS but has OH had the camera in the car I couldn't upload it and I detest scanning cos it knocks off a bit and really annoys me. After doing this soppy LO we had a blazing row and I was tempted to chuck it in the bin but its the first time I used my sew machine (only had the machine since christmas) and I was really pleased with the results.

It looks like DS has left the building although he stayed last night for a BBQ and didn't want to stop his Dad from having a drink (cos he would need a lift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Now we can make a start on DD room and the plummer is coming to look at our Bathroom on Wednesday.

Now I must go and make a card for a Friend whose birthday it is today and I haven't got a card done yet, typically it a mans card I have to do, plus I need to make my Dad a Birthday card too.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Camera missing

Yes is OH car we hide it and forgot we had so I can't load my weekly on UKS till OH comes home later. So todays plan is Mens cards, Fathers day, b/day and a big 60 one and they must be done today.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I'll Back

Yes I'm back from sunny Rochdale (makes a change it usually rains when we're up there) the journey took longer cos of Roadworks why do they close two lanes and work in one it wouldn't be so bad if we could use the hard shoulder.
Managed to find a craft shop near Fleetwood and some outlet stores I now have a pink wallet for my blue badge.
My lovely sister has been sending me photos from Tossa all weekend like at our favourite bar, chicken to go on the balcony, the lovely restaurant in Blanes so I sent pic of the craft shop with their rows of shelves of stamps.
DS has had sky fitted but the broadband isn't sorted out, so DS thinks of living there some of the time and some of the time with Us. Now I love him really I do but I need his room to decorate I can't describe how much STUFF my DD has and it needs to go somewhere while we decorate her room and woe betide me if I throw any of it out.
On the BOB I have come to realise I probably not going to be able to do 6 LO from scratch seeing as they are taking me so long, so have checked through my albums and I have at this moment 3 acceptable 1 possible and a DLO probably not still leaves me to do 3. Didn't managed to get the weekly challenge on UKS done last week. This weeks challenge if I can finish Olivias then maybe and the house challenge is titles Easy Rider so will have to see if Sis has one of Loo and Calino. And I won't be gettin any of this done if I don't get off the b*****y PC

Friday, June 01, 2007


Where has the week gone, hasn't helped that DS hogged the PC for two whole days and if I was lucky he allowed me half an hour but still had to put up with his cheek he even thought about taking a sicky, glad it was only a thought.
Haven't done anything crafty except a bit of Cross Stitch and a emergency Anniversary card but that was Sis fault who forgot her DS first wedding anniversary. Can't believe it was a year ago where has the time go.
Mother is still hogging the hospital bed but Sis has been there two days on the row and has become her personal physio making her walk to the window or round the bed, she can do it and she is walking better than at home but she will only do it if you refuse to take no as an answer although Bro has told her that they looking into Nursing Homes and Dad says hes not going with her (don't blame him) so she been a bit more co-operative.
Well this weekend will be up with MIL and staying a couple of days longer than norm, now she is on her own OH feels he needs to do a bit more for her, with all her health probs she manages really well.
I already found a craft shop and have printed the route.