Friday, June 01, 2007


Where has the week gone, hasn't helped that DS hogged the PC for two whole days and if I was lucky he allowed me half an hour but still had to put up with his cheek he even thought about taking a sicky, glad it was only a thought.
Haven't done anything crafty except a bit of Cross Stitch and a emergency Anniversary card but that was Sis fault who forgot her DS first wedding anniversary. Can't believe it was a year ago where has the time go.
Mother is still hogging the hospital bed but Sis has been there two days on the row and has become her personal physio making her walk to the window or round the bed, she can do it and she is walking better than at home but she will only do it if you refuse to take no as an answer although Bro has told her that they looking into Nursing Homes and Dad says hes not going with her (don't blame him) so she been a bit more co-operative.
Well this weekend will be up with MIL and staying a couple of days longer than norm, now she is on her own OH feels he needs to do a bit more for her, with all her health probs she manages really well.
I already found a craft shop and have printed the route.

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