Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mystery kit cards

I made twelve cards, one for each month on my birthday book, I photo all twelve and only four look OK the rest are really fuzzy then blogger only wanted to load three. edited the fourth as now appeared.
Laying low day have printed off Maria Grace album and I believe I need to make a card urgently cos the person isn't in the country for their birthday.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Mellow Monday

I had a great day at Art and Authors Christmas Card Workshop, made 9 cards with the wonderful Vanessa, Francoise, Carol and Julie, will sort out photos later in the week. Today I'm off out to lunch with a friend. So today I have my mystery kit from UKS cyber crop to show. I made a Birthday book but you should see some of the creations in the gallery WOW. We were allowed to use black and white card so made the book out of that and used the patterned paper for the cards to go inside. You were allowed coloured pens and pencils and black in. So I decorated the book with loads of stamps either stamping with the pens or black pad and colouring them in.

Heard some really sad news a friend from work lost her battle with cancer last week. She was not much older than myself and leaves behind two daughters couple of years younger than mine.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Early start

Early start tomorrow so I'm popping on my weekly challenge. Sorry for the crooked pic but it was the best of a bad bunch. Used Scrapstudio kit, the pics are scanned pics from 1988 DS was really happy holding hands with a GIRL.

Same papers

different snowman, he is a hampton stamp which I brought last year but i had already done most of my cards by then. I printed the sentiment on the red card and stamped on the green. I don't like stamping sentiments cos after all that hard work of creating a card then ruin it by stamping "Happy Whatever" so very often I will used a peel off and lately I print them on the PC. The worse thing about christmas cardmaking is having to be aware of the size of the card too many layers or 3D of the image means a little card turns into a large letter and extra postage. Must do my challenge today hope I manage to get it finish so I can upload it tonight no time tomorrow.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Gone Green

Snowmen, I've used last years Foofala papers. Time for a change I think but its still a snowman waiting on my desk all painted and ready to be assembled. Where is this week going it was only yesterday it was Monday and now today its Friday. Oh Happy Birthday LouLou. Hopefully to make a few more cards today and will do the weekly challenge for UKS tomorrow, photos already choosen. Then Sunday off to Authors and Artists have a go day at Yateley so hopefully some more ideas for Christmas Cards.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm still blue

Blue snowmen,still having shaky hands photos so having to photo several pics of each card but I think I've managed now not helped by the damp miserable weather. The squares card is made up with scraps left over. Had a debate with DD over whether to use glitter glue or glamour dust. Glamour dust won, the card with punched snowflakes has the glamour dust. So yesterday we had Glitter Chicken Fajitas.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blue Snowmen

Well I've started, at the moment I have three completed christmas cards using Penny black snowman stamp I got from Newbury and last years DCWV christmas papers. I did photo all three seperately but only one turned out OK shaking hands.
The Roses are from hubby for my birthday last week, they're lasting really well and I thought I ought to take a piccie. itunes shop is very addictive just as bad as stash shopping.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


where has it gone, could be because I realised I wasn't sure where I put a cheque and had to find it. It was obviously in a safe place but it mean't that the huge pile of post and paperwork had to be gone through just in case it was there. So I up to date with my shredding and yes thankfully found the cheque. Here's the LO I was trying to do at the crop its a class from UKS by Papermaze. I used ScrapStudio September Kit. Although buttons are BG and words from my stash.
So I've got to hang up my scrapbook head and make a start on those christmas cards.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Scrapping Sunday

Well I had a great time yesterday at Scrapbuddies Crop at Mychett. Its not all about scrapbooking or cardmaking but more the social side. Meeting with like minded people who are happy to past on their tips or recommend something they used and to just have a laugh at life. I know they're planning dates for next year thank goodness.

This is a LO that sat on my desk all week it was sort of inspired by a class on UKS but with no paint. I love my holly and my title but its left a space above presents and I'm stuck with what to put there. I've tried several things but they make it look tacky. Oh well guess it will have to sit on my desk for a while longer.

I'm now an owner of a ipod, well I dropped loads of hints and yesterday my DS gave me my birthday present an ipod charger, both myself and DD thought I would probably have to wait till Christmas but no after we dropped DS after having a meal all brought and paid for by DS, Hubby gave me a teeny tiny ipod nano and not the one I was after the £50 one but 8gb one. Had to buy some tunes now didn't I just to check it works so now its playing Take That with theme from Stardust.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mychett Crop

I must stop calling it Mychett crop the girls call themselves Scrapbuddies Crop, anyway thats where I'm going this morning. Carmen Jellybean can't make it she tied up with her DD who has just moved and surrounded by boxes. So its a garage sandwich for lunch, opposed to a fabby chicken wrap with looads of fresh fruit for afters.
Managed the weekly challenge on UKS need to use the word Grace somewhere so Maria Grace from SC4 came in handy and I had to follow a sketch not sure if the colours or wrong or whether I'll just lost my way at the mo. Apart from the mystery kit I haven't done anything from the cyber crop, have popped a class in my bag to help me find my way again.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Here's another LO from last Saturday, really pleased with this cos I've managed to use all the pics from Epcot flower statues on just two pages. Especially pleased with my letter F, I cut out on the cricut on cheap card five times and stuck them together, inked and the put the patterned paper on top.

To all the ladies at Bristol crop hope you all have a good day and look forward to seeing you in November. Missed out on today because the driver is in Spain eating far too much and drinking loads of Rioja. Lucky for me the Scrapbuddies Crop at Mychett is on tomorrow so if you're in area drop in at the Mychett Community Centre between 10.30 - 4. Not sure what I'll be doing but seemed to have lost my way with scrapbooking at the moment.

Friday, October 19, 2007

For a change

Cards and in particular Men's cards. It DH birthday today and up till yesterday hadn't made a card for him. Mainly cos I didn't have a clue what to do has I had done most things already. So out came my Card Trends and used Betsey Veldman card to inspire. My Star is almost a complete copy down to the DCWV glitter card but she had stitching all the way round, time was against me to stitch by hand and I haven't used Damon since the awful attempts in the summer cyber crop. The one below is using scraps left over from Scrapcamp only I tried to be clever and put buttons on acetate of course you can't see that.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Double

The orginal double LO was Pink very pink, I like pink but the idea was to use photos of DD on her road trip has one of the girls has a streak of shocking pink in her hair I wanted papers with just the hint of pink. Then when I asked if I could use some photos I got the look and had to rethink. All these photos are scanned from the orginal and several need to be lightened but they don't look so bad. The first page has a couple of little books and you see farther down them opened up.

Here the LO side by side.

Christmas Cards are still haunting me even DH has asked how they were coming along. But there's something far more important, a birthday card for DH for tomorrow, with us both being Librans its a wonder anything gets done. Dentist today not picked the best day for that but when you had 40th birthday you try to forget the ones that come after.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Blogger would only allow me to load this pic keeps telling me its aware of the problem. Because of the flower globe had to use circles for this LO I also used crate paper baby b range, I used every last piece of this range, the scraps used for cards. Handstitched and the journalling disquise as stems.

Both LO's from the weekend finished just need to take some photos which I will do today as the sun is shining.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

And more

I created this LO at Christmas just after Jake was born, looking at it now its possibly a bit too cute!
The Wedding one I knew I wanted to use the roses paper but it a bit OTT so made the chipboard heart and then promptly saw the idea everywhere on the net.
Even Donna Downey has made something for Christmas but I've made a decision very hard for a Libran, I have nearly finished the other double LO from the weekend, already had a LO on my desk and then there's the weekly challenge, also still haven't looked at the album class from Maria Grace. (An inspired moment the weekly challenge you have to use the word Grace guess thats a Scrapcamp LO coming up) Any how back to what I was about to say after I've done all of that I will make a serious effort to make Christmas Cards!
Hello Sis on your brand new PC, I need one just for me because DD is back and she has a strange effect on electonic equipment. She touch the cricut yesterday and it turned itself off and my PC has be acting very strangely lately.

Monday, October 15, 2007


This is my favourite LO for BOB probably too simple but really effective. Have to say since I sent my entries in I have done some of my best LO's but thats life.
I feel like I'm being haunted, loads of the blogs I read are full of Christmas Cards. I don't mind doing them its the fact there is a date that they must be completed by, 63 days which will take me to the 16th December.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Well I think I can show some of my entries cos I'm sure it was September that you would hear if you're shortlisted. I'm pretty sure I'm not unique enough but am I bothered. No, I enjoyed trying to think a little out of my box to produce something special and I won't have the stress worrying about whether I'll ever get LO's back. So here's Olivia just noticed the picture is pants and doesn't show the delicate colours that well. I used Basic Grey LillyKate, I used the BG tags to cover the letters. Stamped the swirls and the little tiny flowers have tiny gem centres.
Here's a little close up of my butterfly

Had a great day yesterday at the Creative Scrapbooking Company, with Linda who I've nicknamed the Bazzill Queen she loves bazzill and uses a touch of pattern papers and makes the most spectacular layouts. Just need to find some worthy pics to finish off my LO's and a few embellishments. Looking forward to next months visit especially after looking at her artbin full of examples.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


My first ever CJ, there was six orginally but someone pulled out. Apart from Di we were all CJ virgins. I chose Seasons because it was nice and easy. I made the book from scratch




I still have Elaine's to do, then the circle is complete but I'm glad mines back. Will I do another maybe, I'll try to think of something orginal.

Friday, October 12, 2007


For all the girls who gave me a 4 by 4 works of art you can see that I have made my little album and they are all safely placed inside. Every one of them are gorgeous and I might have moaned (surely not) about making mine but it was worth every minute to have such a great reminder of the weekend. Say Hi to Rachel on the first page.
Have done the weekly challenge on UKS, Sis won't be happy to see her photo on UKS again. You had to use the theme Party or drinking, pink, scraps and doodling. Didn't manage scraps, but scraps aren't the problem its the tower of pizza boxes of kits are the trouble but I did manage opening one for this LO. I used a pagemaps sketch I seemed to lost my way a bit and I generally find following a sketch helps.
Carmen Jellybean e-mailed to say she was no longer my friend but its OK she's still making lunch on Saturday.