Tuesday, October 09, 2007


needed for a Scrapcamp, one would be food to nibble on, oh and bottles of the alcohol variety. It doesn't matter that you've had a full english breakfast, a large lunch or a three course dinner.
Next is retail therapy, it doesn't matter that you've brought enough stash to open your own shop, there is always something you've forgotten or papers you haven't seen before that match ( Or you have Liz in the shop who is very HELPFUL at matching embellishments for the paper you are holding in your hands).

Friends, friends that my Sis and I have made on our Scrapjourney since Scrapcamp1. Friends we discovered live near us, friends that live far away, new friends, talented friends. Friends to laugh with, friends to swop ideas with, Friends that care.

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Terrie Farrell said...

But do you know i've spent a mountain more cash since i came home!