I've decide to blog about my Diet, I know I started six months ago actually 18th April 2011.
First off I have to explain that I have Seronegative Poly Arthritis, in fact this is a fancy title given to me by a Rheumatologist. It means that I don't have blood type of arthritis but have all the symptoms of one, poly means many. I have to manage with painkillers and a very strong anti inflammatory pills but none of the hard stuff.
I wasn't never going to be zero size model but since having arthritis and each time another joint gets affected so has my weight increased.
My starting weight is fifteen stone and seven pounds looks better in words than in figures.
I was convinced to use WeightWatchers online by Clare at a crop, that fruit is free, won it for me.
I've tried an online diet before stuck to it rigidly for 3 weeks and gained 5lb.
So to start with I was to lost 5% of weight which 11lbs and I pointed everything that went into my mouth and I lost 4lbs in the first week.
I don't miss chocolate and a small glass of red wine is 3 points so I sacrifice food for a glass three or maybe four time a week.
Jacket Potatoes and Bread are terrible points guzzlers and frozen veg have points too. The fridge is always full and of salad, the shopping bill has gone up too.
On the 10th of May I got my first 7lb star maybe this diet was going to work big time.
On the 7th June I hit my first target weight and now weighed fourteen stone and ten pounds (not ready to put it into numbers yet) another target of another 11lbs to lose.
To be honest I have no doubt that this was going to be a hard slog and it took ten years plus to put on five and half stone if it took that long to lose it and keep it off then that in long term I would be happy.
I also knew that when I go on holiday keeping to the diet just wasn't going to happen.

So here I am with Hubby in Spain at the start of my holiday 11lbs lighter than the first picture,. But it was bad news back home I had put 6lbs on. I got them back off when we had to go back for our luggage and that was another 3lbs back on.
July was steady loss month with a bit of blip when Hubby's Mum came down to stay the Cream tea didn't help but on 9th August  I had lost in total a stone and that wasn't including the holiday weight I put on and took off.
That brings us up today 13th September when I hit the thirteen stone and thirteen pounds, gosh I haven't been that for years. I've set another target for 6lbs and I hope to make that by Christmas. It might seen a slow target but there's another Spanish Holiday coming up and this time Mr Grumpy is with us and I can't see myself saying no although Sis is with us too and she is doing Slimming World so maybe a few more salads.
I can't say the weight lost is helping my joints the pain is about the same and I still have really bad days too but maybe my weight is not doing as much damage.

 16th October Diet Update
Well back from Spain and officially 4lb heavier although when I weighed myself before I left I was 2lbs lighter but it wasn't tracked so I'm sticking to the official 4lb. Can't believe my Sis came back without any extra weight but I guess I was drinking Red Wine and she was drinking water!
Here's the latest pic of me at Empuribrava (spelling) before we started eating so I'm actually 12lbs lighter than when we went to Spain in June. I actually think I can tell the difference and the fact a safety pin is required to stop my trousers from falling down.
It should be plain sailing to Christmas now with my goal of losing a total of 2 stone but there's two hiccups on the way Louise Big Bash Birthday celebration and a visit to Mum in Law.
7th December Update
I was just going to update my diet page when I reach a certain goal but now I wonder whether I should update when I feel the need to. I was reading the weight watchers mag how others have lost weight and one mentioned how she had like a journal to record the high and lows and to see how far she had already come to help on those days when all you want to do is eat.
Well I had one of those days yesterday possible due to having a bad couple days joint wise, I suppose it was in fact comfort eating but I did track everything, the biscuit size twix, the bag of quavers, cereal bar, bit of cheese and extra cheese on my pasta!
So back to the update, well I did warn you of the Big Bash Birthday, where we stayed overnight at the nearby hotel, that meant lunch in the local pub, lots of wine and yummy food at the party and an English breakfast.
Lucky for me I didn't put weight on but neither did I lose any.
On the 15th November I got a star for losing 25lb seems a strange amount to me where 28lb or 2 stone is more revelent but I'm having that star for whatever reason its mine.
The safety pin drama of holding my trousers up have became such a issue I've brought some new trousers in snug size 18 this might not seem much but I was almost tripping into a size 22 for trousers and even though I haven't been wearing my old jeans they were much too tight I now need a belt to hold them up so I brought a new pair this should keep me going for a while.
Last weekend we went to MIL and I'm afraid I started off well behaved but it went badly wrong including a starter and a really bad dessert.
The bad news is I put on a 1lb and that means I still have 2 pesky pounds too lose before Christmas and that date is creeping ever so much closer.
I need to get back on track and remind myself that I much prefer that nice juicy apple to that bag of quavers and if I really need that bag of quavers then thats my treat for the day.

 So does it look like I reached the 2stone mark which was actually on the 13th December, maybe a bit round the face.
I have to say I'm really pleased with myself, when I started I thought it would be fabulous if I could lose a stone especially as its really difficult to exercise.
So now its Christmas and I'm on holiday but have to be careful because the top I'm wearing on New Year's Eve is snug and I can't afford to put on too much, but on the 3rd Jan its down to tracking strictly and my next goal will be to be another 7lbs.
I think that small goals are easier to reach and means you less likely to give up. I love that with just a few adjustments I'm not really eating anything different and I still get my glass of red wine.

4th January 2012
The picture at the begining of the this post was exactly one year before this one, yep I'm definitely smaller but unfortunately the Christmas Holidays took their toll and I've put on 5lb similar to when I'm holiday in Spain. Yes Christmas was incredible difficult not so much chocolate but anything that wasn't and probably Cheese was my downfall.
So its back on the wagon and I hope to get my Christmas Weight off and my next target of 7lb by April 19th since this is my year anniversay of diet and it would be fabulous to say that in a year I managed to lose 21/2 stones.
12th February
Well I can't believe how long it took to take off those pesky pounds over Christmas. It didn't help that one week with only a pound to go I managed to put on 3lb back on. how did that happen. I blame the cupcake which I ate, we brought then instead of Birthday cake for DD next time I will point them first. It was a terrible shock to find out that it was 13 points, felt sick after too and would have been quite happy to have had half of one.
Still I am finding it hard to get back on the wagon and when I use all my points including all the extras I'm finding weight going back on so I need to think whether to lower my point since I'm still using the 29 I started with instead of the new 26 now recommended. I will give it another couple of weeks and then make the decision.
I have nine weeks to loose 6lb with one blip on the way, maybe if I promise myself something extra special if I make this would be the incentive I need.
7th March
When the going gets tough the tough gets going and I finding it very hard to lose anything but have lost 2lbs and I feel I need a pat on the back because our long weekend away I managed not to gain anything phew.
I'm still on the 29 points but trying to keep to the 26 if I can.
I'm looking forward to April cos thats when I'll start my salad lunches, starting to get fed up with my soups. I don't liquidise my soups I'm tricking my brain that I'm actually eating some substantial even though its mainly vegetables when I eat smooth soups my brain thinks its had a drink!

April 19th
Its my Weightwatchers 1st Birthday and in totally I've lost 2 1/2 stones if you think of 52 weeks that doesn't seem alot but add the holiday and Christmas pounds that I had to take off each time and are not included in my final figure. This was achieved without activity points unless being pushed in a wheelchair counts, no I didn't think so.
My clothes are down from almost a 22 to a 18 uk size and the jeans I'm wearing is a size 18 with a belt to stop them falling down. My boobs are bigger than my belly although you wouldn't think so from the awful pic that my hubby took. I may have to delete it I look like my mother and she's 86!
Has it helped with my arthritis well I've a bit more movement than before but the bad days the pain seems worst could that be cos they getting worst or that there is no fat to cushion the joints the jury is still out on that one.
So whats in store for the following year, well after the awful few months of hardly losing much I think my weight loss is slowly down so if I can lose another stone this year I think I will be happy. I enjoy eating more veg and fruit so being on the diet won't be a hardship and even if one day I reach the target I will be happy  the diet I feel WeightWatchers is for life.
So my next challenge is to lose another 7lbs and this rate I'll see you in October!
Friday 22nd June
Ugh I was 1lb short for another 1/2 stone lost and a total of 3stone before I went on my hols in Spain and gosh was that a struggle definitely the weight lost has slowed down and heaven knows how much weight I've put on during the holiday but my official weigh in is on Tuesday so I reckon I might get a couple pound off  before then.
One thing to make me feel better, I brought a couple of belts from Marks and Spencer in order to stop my trousers from falling down, I was going to get a large but the one I liked they only had a medium and guess what it fitted, so at least its in the right direction.
1st August
No I haven't stopped dieting its just extremely hard work at the moment to lose any weight. I managed to put 6lbs on on holiday and in five weeks lost a 1lb how disheartening is that. I'm still within my points but its not having any effect.
I did read being stressed can cause this and although I can't say I'm stressed, I have been a bit down and have threw all my toys out of my pram due to my lack of mobility it happens now again. But the strange thing when that happens I see uplifting news reports or someone puts an inspiring U tube on Facebook and makes me realise how fortunate I am.
So a bit of revaluation I'm going to try not to use the extra  points or at least only a third for a couple of weeks to try a kick start my body to lose weight again, this will mean less glasses of Red Wine which is really my downfall.
25th September
Ok finally I've lost that pesky 6lb and back weighing 12 1/2 stones whether I will get another 7lbs off for Christmas we will just have to wait and see.
Being stesssed and feeling down it definitely a no-no to losing weight because as soon as I put on a happy face I started to lose weight again the reason it took so look was probably a couple of naughty episodes.
So when I'm down and feeling blue I crank up the volume on my i pod and start singing, works a treat but don't worry I shall not be applying to go on X factor cos I can't sing only terribly.
I've decided to start my lumpy soups for lunch again a bit cheese off with salad, I never eat smooth soups because my brain thinks its a drink I may have mentioned that before. But if I eat lumpy soups which haven't been liquidised my brain thinks I've eaten, it all about tricking the brain.

Thought it was time for the latest pic not sure if I look any thinner than last time but this is the official 3stone off pic and I had to buy a size 16 trouser from Debenhams although I think their sizing is a bit generous but I'm not complaining.

19th June 2013
A bit of an update, I haven't lost any more than 3 stone and find special events my weight goes up (its the red wine) and then I take it off again. For example I've put on half a stone from my weeks holiday in Spain and I've no doubt within a couple of months it will be off again.
I'm hoping now I'm swimming with a Disabled club this will help and I need to be stricter with myself especially has photos taken side profile makes me look like I collect chins not stamps.

Update 12th November 2016
Didn't realise it was so long ago when I last updated my diet page. Loads has happen in the two and half years. I lost both my parents and Hubby's Mother too and the weight slowly got put on again.
Having to admit that once again I need to take this in hand was hard but I was encouraged by the fact my niece had joined Slimming World and looked amazing.
I knew I needed a meeting to help when my weight stagnated so a bit of investigation I found that Slimming World was cheaper and found a meeting in the morning (hubby working in the evenings meant evening meeting was out).
This week I officially have lost the two stones that I had regained, there were lots of Ups and Downs but having to go and get weighed, staying to image therapy has they call it I've picked up lots of tips.
So I raise my glass of gin and tonic, (less syns) to the next stone.

Here we are August 2018, I've just received Woman of the Year at my Slimming World Group and I  have now lost another stone since I last wrote. To be honest I so happy the way I am at the moment it hard to get inspired to lose more.

Having spoken to my Target friends I've decided to lose another 10lbs by Christmas and then see if my body wants to continue to lose weight. Also when you are older you skin sags and I rather not look gaut and old.

Its only now when I  put the two photos together that I realise how far I've come, initially I weighed 15 1/2 stone in the first picture and I'm now 11st and 10lbs nearly four stone. I've promised myself good and bad I will stay at group each week because I don't plan on being that size again.