Friday, August 31, 2007


Having PC probs its slowly than my Sis's and hers is frustrating slow. So no pics today but I do have a bit of dilemma having finished my magician bear what do I sew now, the choice is a Sarah kay girlies or huge basket of flowers. The flowers will be a challenge mmmmm which will I choose. Hopefully making cards today have a bit of a list luckily they for gals so flowers and pretty colours are the order for today

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Curly paper

Sorry about the curly paper but I heat embossed and painted the paper so its had a real bad day but should be OK when I put it in a Scrapbook.
I stamped the Autumn leaves swirls with a versamark pad then used clear embossing powder then painted it white. Of course the paint dries really quickly but using a bit of a sponge and a tiny bit of water burnished the swirls so they stand out. I used a Rubber Stampede stamp for the feathers and Hero Arts works (thanks Jan for the stamp) The title was cut with my cricut and I found it in a list of Beatle songs. So UKS challenge for this week done.
And look what flew in from the US, there's some great colours of ribbon just right for Christmas and I love alphabets, and most importantly Mickey's font. Thanks DD.
Also I love my OH I now own a green bug (cuttlebug) and some embossing folders but I've worked out how to use the Fiskars templates, those awful things you were suppose to rub over with an embossing tool then they brought out a tool to make thing easier yeah right. So glad I didn't chuck them out.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Keepsake and Memories

I've finished the little wedding book for my SIL and OH will be taking it with him on Friday to drop it off. So just a few of the pages, I didn't add stripes of paper just my dinky flowers and titles and a bit of ribbon. Sorry about some of the pics just realised the some of the pages reflected against each other.
I seemed to have run out of steam craft wise, although I have this week challenge on my desk, the feathers and silver I have sorted that out and I know what the title shall be just need to find some paper that pleases me.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Green Buttons

Couldn't belive it on UKS, the Green Buttons have a challenge to do a LO about yourself that is silly/fun and what did I do on Friday started this LO not sure if it need anything more. Did wonder if I should doodle stitching round the egde but sometimes you do something then wish you didn't so I think I might leave well alone. I've used K & Co papers not sure what they're called.

Well the house stinks of BBQ and not one drop of rain isn't that great and OH finally managed to use his chimera (spelling).

Plan to finish the little mini book today and sort out a card for a card swap on Mod Scraps, then there's the challenge on UKS that includes "wings and feathers!"

Monday, August 27, 2007


the newest member of the Scrapbooking community, and my herma is now wet with drool. J is teething. We loved the colours of his T shirt the same colours of some Urban Lily I've got. Trouble is my photo is rubbish so will have to wait till I can copy Sis photos. Spent Sunday at the crop where FairyKaren mentioned that Homebase has paperbags at the till ideal for paperbag books, we popped down to our local HB with DS to look for furniture, so now I'm the proud owner of several bags the look on OH and DS faces!!!!!!!!!!!
Working on another mini book like Calino's from UKS cyber crop using LillyKate the books made just need to put the pics in.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


I've managed the challenge this week, a link to Pooh, use something beginning with a B and using scraps (BG Phoebe) didn't manage the honey colour. Not really sure its all worked does look over cute. Using pics of myself for my next LO just waiting for covered chipboard to dry. And I've sorted out what I want to do tomorrow at the crop, pics are printed, pp chosen and words picked.
You will be glad to hear I don't smell anymore, christened the bath last night, had to be careful no filling it to the top till its nearly overflowing cos the tiles are not all up yet. OH is pleased he has a sink with a cupboard underneath to hide all my multibuys, men they just don't understand the concept of saving money if my favourite shampoo is on BOGOF it doesn't matter that I have a dozen already I'm saving money in the long run!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 24, 2007


As you can see my little Magician's Bear is now standing on his own two feet and I only have the hat to finish, but the worse is yet to come. The backstitching outline, it has to be done. If you think he's cute now watch him come alive when the outlines have been done. Have decided I shall make him into a cushion, but I shall make it in patchwork so will have to find the right material to make it.

All the prizes are in, the fab frame is from Scrappy Do's, my Design Collective has been renewed for another month and a super little scrappbooking handbag, with cute paper and bits from Snapdragon.
Well the weathermen are saying we're in for a good weekend (they've been saying all week that things will get better!!!!!!!!!!) But if you round my way on Sunday there's a crop at Mychett community centre starts at 10 finishes at 4 and theres no stash shopping. I'm on a stash diet really spent a lot last month and I so want a cuttlebug. Used Sis for embossing its so fantastic might just get some embossing thingys and take supplies over to Sis.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

All card out

There's a monthly card challenge on UKS for polka dots, it was like a light bulb go off. I brought this Hobby Art dress at the Art of the Craft demo day. Jennie had shrunk them on shrink plastic. I stamped it out three times in brilliance pearlesent poppy, cut out and layered the skirt only. The little hanger was quickutz.
The last two are the Penny Black girlies that I brought from Newbury, using my watercolour pencils that I brought WHS many moons ago.
I have received all my prizes from UKS summer cyber crop so when the sun does actually make an appearance I take a pic. Its been dark, dank and dismal now since the Wedding on Saturday can this summer get any worse.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More bellas

The last two, winabella and Imeldabella, still using freebie papers and another bubblebella.
I've been given the look by my OH I think it something to do with my craftroom overflowing into the dining room (which use to be taken over by DS). I've been using the plummer as the reason for no housework and has he's only here this week I'm making the most of it. Then DS hinted about his curtains, I promised to take up, do you think if I used the excuse all my pins are covered in pva will work mmmmm no I didn't think so.
So tidying up the craftroom is the order of the day, I'll do the UKS weekly challenge, then its curtains (well maybe)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bella Warning

So who wasn't going to get on the bandwagon for bellas, that would be me. I thought you could only get them from the US an call me chicken but I've never brought from across the pond. Was looking at the cardmaking on UKS and discovered that they are in fact in this country although they can't be brought online or shown on shop websites.
Was that problem, nope I pm Kitty from First Class Crafts and asked which ones she had and then went on stampin bella to have a look and brought the ones I liked.
So that would be retailfellabella, cruisabella don't you just love the car and bubblebella. I have brought a couple more but don't want to upset blogger, I've been blogging loads of pics lately. Bubblebella and retailfella bella I used freebie mag papers and Cruisabella making memories paper. Sis Cuttlebug has arrived but I'm not going over there till Thursday.

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Wedding

Finally I have finished the double LO I made on Wednesday at Creative Scrapbooking. It is perfect for the wedding pics from Saturday and I was determined to finish this morning so I could put it on my blog today. Whats made the LO very special is the ribbon and the heart pearls are off the invitation and the menu cards on the tables. And even though we haven't managed to take SIL over to the craft side she helped to lever the pearls off. Rub ons were mm that I've had for ages still worked a treat. Vellum saying glued conveniently under the pearl hearts.

This person sells toy ALIENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! scary thing is we're related!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mr & Mrs McCloud

Here is the the Happy Couple. Everything went off very smoothly apart from the weather, it rained for the photos. But the actually wedding took place at Ramster at Chiddingfold, a beautiful old building with some wonderful features.
Sis has managed to photo some gems while I gave up, problem with people they keep moving!
Plenty of Scrapbooking.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mr & Mrs

Congratulations to my nephew Damien and his fiancee Rachel today after a lot of planning they shall be married.
So not much crafting today and I only managed to finish one of the LO from Wednesday, the other one is a double and I'm hoping to use it for photos from today.
The LO uses one piece of patterned paper which I've used scenic route and bazzill.

Friday, August 17, 2007

XS moment

Cushion finished ready for Saturday, I was going to have a go but with a sewing machine named Damon I thought I better get Sis to do it.
I finally finished the grey/back gown of the Magician Bear, sorry about the awful pic. And has you can see he can hop now.
Having a quiet day today, had two busy days, yesterday Sis and I did a reckkie on where the wedding was, popped into Craft and Co first to get some punches for DD Tote bag then before we got to Sis saw FairyKaren at the Art of the Craft saw Valelady too it seems we've been following her trail. Mr Grumpy took us out to lunch and I watched Sis make several Apple pies one of which is residing in my kitchen as I type.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Creative Scrapbooking Company

We had the most fabulous time and even the awful traffic coming home can't spoil it. It only took just under the hour to get to Edgware. We took some great classes with Lynn and there was none of this, here's the class and here is the kit. We had to choose what paper we wanted to use and Lynn helped to co-ordinate. Lets be honest this is class on its own choosing matching papers can be hard work.
We didn't take any photos so we made photo mats the size they were on the orginal. In all we made two double LO and one single they just need photos and titles.
Determined to finish one I scanned the photos I wanted to use and then the printer from hell decided to crop them for me. What would take ten minutes nearly took an hour. But if you scroll down you will see Fun in the Snow, the photos are rubbish but like I said they are scanned and already being attacked by the glue in the photo albums. My cuttlebug savings took a bashing but hopefully today Sis 's arrives and I can have a play. Just before I left yesterday had a quick look at UKS to find I've won a couple of more prizes, one for DS coming of age and Loo's Calino book. I feel really embarrassed to win so many prizes, I've been a luckly gal lately.
Good Luck Halley.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wet Wednesday

First of all I apologize for the pants photo, the light here is really bad and if I use the flash its looks a lot worse.
There's a card challenge on UKS using Doodlebug stash, handy that cos I've brought some just to make cards with, the pinwheel shape is a craftwork template.
The weekly challenge on UKS is to use Allied colours, b/w or sepia photo, something metal and hidden journalling.
All present and correct on the Grandma LO, the hidden journalling is one of the tags along side the photo.
I've lost a photocopy of something really important I believe it to be in a safe place, I've found other misplaced stuff ( I knew they were in a safe place) but not what I'm looking for.
Well I'm all ready to go to Middx should be fun but we decided only to take tools and buy stuff up there well I still want my brads to go and maybe my eyelets, then there's my ribbons and I might need a template or two and what if I want to do some stamping. Can I cope with leaving all my lovely stash behind guess I'll have too.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


To me, Messy Chops won the Scrappy Do's class on UKS.

Wet Tuesday

Not a very good pic the natural light is not very good with the wet weather. Its my scapping angel class from UKS, its vaguely like the sketch but you torn the mats well, when I did it, it looked awful. Then I got a blob of white on the brown. The words ran round the pic but that left a huge white space, can't do that neverthless so pleased with the result.
In for a busy week, the plummer as arrived to do the bathroom, the washing machine is broken so we're of to buy a new one. So Sis if you're reading this on Thursday will be bringing not only shampoo and soap for a shower but will be bringing the washing as well!!!!!!
Tomorrow of to Middx FairyKaren has arranged a day class at a Scrapbooking shop near where her Dad lives. Saturday is the Wedding and have I made the cushion nope guess I'll be taking that to Sis too.

Monday, August 13, 2007

I know

I was bored of easy cards but when you are on the roll you've just got to go with the flow. The Scribbled trees are DeNami Design but it belongs to Sis so not sure when or where she brought although Stamp Addicts are the supplier in this country. The blue trees are last years Francoise Read's clear stamps, simply stamped in brilliance ink, matted on pearlescent blue paper which is available at craft creations.

The penquins are clear stamps, sorry don't know the company but Sis brought them this year at Newbury. (I personally thought they were expensive till I realised that I paid a similar price for some circle stamps!) I forgot to take my watercolour pencils so had to borrow Sis's why is it somebody else stuff never works like yours, anyway got the hang of her pencils, some stickles and brads layered on red card and PP is I think DCWV from last year but I could be wrong.
I think I'm going to have to start a Francoise Read Fan club because the little car is her's too. Not sure when maybe a couple of years ago cute though. Made very similar as the Penquins.

Now going to have a rest from Xmas cards and finish of the UKS classes I've kits for.

Loo had a BBQ Sat so was able to take her book of Calino she was really pleased and her friend Sonja wants one, just give me the photos. Had a really great meal at the Green Olive in Chobham we had the evening Meza it was fab, I've never had Greek Food so it was really fun to try all the new flavours, they were quite busy and short of staff but it all flowed perfectly.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Clean and Simple

Well Sis picked up me about 11 and when we got to her place sat and read all the Christmas mags that I sorted out for inspiration. Had a cheese and tomato doorstep before we finally got down to making cards. The idea was to make six of the same to put together for Mum's table top sell in September. So I kept them very simple but I'm now bored with that so looking for something different to do today, haven't managed any of the classes on UKS and won't be able today but that something to look forward to doing on Monday.
Whoops looks like the linen cards go funny when making them smaller will have to be careful next time I do that.
The tree stamp is Serendipity stamps not sure if its made now but its stamped with blue ink then using heat embossed with holographic powder, I think I saw this in a craft stamper mag. The little snowman is Hobby Art, stamped, embossed and coloured in with gel pen and snow is stickles.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

A little Beauty

Look at this fab Mini book it was ribbon and roll class from UKS cyber crop, it even has pockets for inserts. I used Scarlett's letter, Autumn Leaves and Danelle Johnson stamps and loads of inking. Then photos of Louise my niece and her horse Calino, so this little beauty will be winging its way to her.
Life got in the way yesterday and I only managed this class yesterday but I've two kits that I sorted the photos for, and if I can sort out Sis pc should be able to load them tomorrow.
OH is working with BIL so Sis has decided we should make christmas cards this weekend. So I found all my xmas paper, stamps, card ink, embossing powders and anything with a tree, snowflake or anything that glitters. Its all packed and ready to go.
So tomorrow hopefully you shall be seeing some Christmas Cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!