Saturday, December 30, 2006

Trash Book

At last I've put some photos into the Kirsty Wiseman Trash Book class I did at the Scrapcamp I day event at the begining of December. I really pleased how it looks obviously I'm not a good photographer like Kirsty is but you get the idea. We used a cd case, paper bag, cardboard and acetate to name a few of the things we used. We also used pipe ties but I couldn't get on with them with I had them on the wrong way round or I should of snapped the ends off cause they kept getting smaller and the idea was to use them instead of bookrings. Has you can see I gave up and used bookrings.
I've put photos in Giselle's fruitcake book too but will post it tomorrow.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Little Bear

Here's my take on the little bear that was in this month Papercraft Inspirations. He is such a cutie and easy (well it must be I can do it) I have been itching to make him since I saw him. Jo Kill is the designer she has a blog too here hope the link works but look at the slide show some fab cards.

Yesterday got dragged down to Mums to pack most of her kitchen for the big move today. Her flat is looking great the boys have worked really hard to get it finished. She's not looking forward to going but Dad can't wait he's never been happy in that house since the bogus gasmen stole from them. They've got a brand new fridge/freezer so David is having the old fridge and freezer plus the washing machine has the new place has a laundry room, I hope he's house goes through soon I'm running out of space.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas
Home and Away

Friday, December 22, 2006


Yep the amazon parcel has arrived and DVD's are wrapped, Mod scraps kit has arrived, should really photo it so you can see how lush it is. Theres maya rd chipboard alphabet in a sweet metal tin, a hedi swapp thing with word like memories etc that can be stamped on things huge blossoms can't wait to use them. Must remember when I get my chrissie pressie to do an eyelet LO for the competition, I had to buy it, wrap it so DS could give it for christmas.
Andrea's parcel hasn't arrived I've a horrible feeling that it will arrive after christmas, which is lovely to have something to look forward after all the fuss of one day passes but I know she will be disappointed.
Well tonight I'm off to stay at sis tonight and being dragged up to town on Sat (yuck) to get the mounts for Jake sampler, so I need to give it a wash and iron.
Just remembered had to make a special christmas card for DS to give to someone cause the ones I had left weren't good enough. Since when did that bother DS, and who is this mystery person that had to have a really nice christmas card!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


well the stitching, he has to be washed coz he's grumby then I have to buy the two mounts, I prefer to double mount it in a frame so that the stitching isn't squashed.
No parcels yet

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

No craft photo

Well no crafty photo have to settle with a pic of Santa. I've been having a proper tea with a couple of work friends it was lovely. Homemade eggy sandwiches with homemade scones and don't forget the jam and cream, swallowed down with cups of tea and a piece of homemade victoria sandwich cake Mmmmmmm.

Well its not long now and I'm still waiting for a couple of parcels one from amazon, one from USA, hopefully one from mod scraps, lets hope they come tomorrow.

Haven't made any cards or photo that LO from the other day, pressing on with the Bear cross-stitch sampler for Jake my sis thinks I can have it finished by Sat, then we can pop up the road to get a couple of mounts apparently they cut them while you wait, she hoping it will be finished for boxing day, no comment but I have done the outline nearly so it will be his name and the DOB to do. Guess I won't be finished unless I get off here. TTFN

Monday, December 18, 2006

Running late

Sorry no blogging, but did get back from the north and all went well. Caught up with washing lets not talk about ironing. Done nothing crafty, oops tell a lie managed one layout haven't photo it yet. Spent Saturday night and Sunday with Doreen, so watched X factor final. Yep Leona won she is a fantastic vocalist but boring (sorry). Sunday went down to see my great nephew now he's got over being born he looking lovely, guess who forgot the camera, that'll be me.
Sorry no pics but this is a bit of a rush job.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Away till next week

Well my list is nearly finished all thats left is to actually pack. This is my LO for comp that was on Mod Scraps, you had to use 3 different patterned papers and heartfelt jounalling. I used Romani Basic Grey. The jounalling is round the circle explaining how I going to miss Andrea when she leaves for Orlando. The little pic is a close up of the butterflies. I would say this is my best LO that I've done. So thats it for now back next week.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas Window

Well the tree is up but haven't had time to decorate, but have managed to do the window. The pic was taken a couple of years ago but it will be the same this year. Mum had brought me and my brothers and sister a Father Christmas for many years lucky we have now convinced her we really don't want any more. It was a case where do you put them. I decided to put them in the window and have done so for a few years, so much so that I get told that it isn't Christmas till the Santa's are in the windows. Discover one set of lights are broken so we need to go and get some more.

I have a really long list to complete by Friday morning and just has I feel I'm getting on top of it so I add some more it shouldn't stress me out but it does, I should have plenty of time especially has I'm not working, trouble is I can't do it all in one fell sweep I have to pace myself or I won't be able to do any.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

OH had the day off so we could go to the Farmers Market, shame it rained and the wind did blew, but managed to get some nice cheese and do some shopping that we needed to do.
We went out for Lunch unfortunately the food was fab but the service was rubbish, so won't be going back there. The good thing was beening able to talk about OH father who died on Sunday. OH was brought up that men don't show their feelings which is no help to me when I've got a crabby miserable man.
OH fathers funeral is Tuesday next week so we will be going up there on Friday and come back Wednesday.

So to cheer up this sorry tale of a blog is the Iris folding Christmas Tree that was in my Sis Making Cards mag of course in real life it is straight HONEST

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Here's my new great-nephew isn't he a cutie. Between my sister and myself in a short space of time we have about 100pic of him 'sleeping'. Can't wait to scrap him but I think I need some special stash.

Yesterday had a great day at Mod Scrap One day event, the lovely Kirsty Wiseman showed us how to do her trash book, Hils a lovely glass pendant and a smashing little christmas book using fruitcake papers with Giselle.

Friday, December 01, 2006

twice in one day

Blogging again cause I'm going to Bristol to Mod Scrap 1 day event.
Here is my Baby card, lacking inspiration today but I used the colours that is in the curtain that my sis made for the baby.
Must remember that Mum wants a christmas card for Doreen. So that will be an OTT lots of ribbon, glitter and peel offs !!!!!!!!
Sending double deckers to Andrea in the US is one of the things she can't buy. She's hoping to get a laptop so she e-mail her friends

December Baby

Well I could get used to this blogger letting me load pictures, it was one of the reasons I stopped blogging. This is my fav card of the moment, used scraps of patterned paper with star punches, printed greeting on the computer. I've done several b'day cards and a retirement card. Still have another male type card to do and now I have a birth card to do.

My nephew's wife gave birth to a little boy this morning, we waited all day yesterday to hear news but this little chap wanted to be a December Baby.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Starting over

With Andrea in the US and hoping to get a computer, I thought I'll try this blogging lark again. Couldn't believe it when it let me load a picture. The top LO is of David and my hopes for him and the second one is of my niece. They were created last weekends cybercrop on the UKS website.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Gosh where've we been

It was the airshow BBQ at my sisters, luckily it was so hot and even looked like rain. But it went really well, we stayed the night so John could have a drink and not worry about driving. I took loads of photos but they are nearly all of Olivia.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Where've I been
not blogging obviously bit fed up that I must have done something wrong because I can't get blogger to upload a photo, never mind bore you with letters and words.
So where have I been well suffering from the heat mainly, now I know that the cold and arthritis doesn't go together but I've never heard about the heat, the pain in my affected joints is so bad its annoying. I get up in the morning and they complain from start to finish of the day.
My sis and I did a Wedding Fayre for Wedding Invitations it wasn't advertise well but can't really complain because we didn't have to pay which the other people told us you could pay up to £300 for a stall, so its probably are last wedding fayre.

Used most of my Oceanside kit on 4 LOs of Mark and Tanis and used a lot of the Summer Paradise Kit can't wait for the August Dapper kit, but this won't be till August 10th.

Well off to find a cold dark corner to hide for the rest of the day.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Slowly recover from my weekend, although I have sorted my brads by colour and size now how sad is that. My groom layout has been bugging me I have punched out circles that i placed randomly over the LO now I wished I had embossed them stopping them looking like discs, I will have to change it cos its bugging me everytime I look at it. If only blogger would like upload a pic I could show you what I mean.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Busy Busy

What a busy weekend, Saturday off to Artstamps at Newbury, tried hard not to buy any more stamps (have enough already) but Banana Frog was there and I've been holding out on some of their stamps. Had money so had to buy them. Then there was Simply Stamping and a company I've forgotten who make clear stamps reasonable priced too. Then Oyster Stamps (they changed their name which I've forgotten) but they had brads and embellisments on offer plus some really cool scrapping stuff. DD discovered friendly plastic at the Stamp bug, they used their art moulds and melted friendly plastic in them to make cool shapes.
Sunday it was down to Bristol to Modern Scrapping for a 12 hour crop we used the shop classroom so it was only 12 of us and Mandy, we had a ball, such a great crowd and Nina popped in to show of her Toby LO. Mandy it trying to sell quickly some of her stock has she as pre-order a lot of stuff that is due to be release at the CHA at Atlanta and due in her store in August can't wait. So her shop was all 20% off brought the craftmates bag which I had been looking at online at other places. Its lovely a pink and velour so very strokable. I did 2 LO but they just need finishing, you can bet your life if the one thing you want you left it at home.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Well the journey starts here, awaiting to be sacked. I've decided I can't cope with being in pain and try and work too. There is also the fact that I've actually got a lot worse since I went back to work after my foot op.
On a good note we have, no I have a new car from mobility and I have to say with all my moaning at keeping our old car ( its a mondeo and goes over the sleeping policeman better or so I thought) it is really comfortable.
I'm a bit lost today, packed for the ladies who lurk crop on Sunday and resting so I can go to Artstamps at Newbury tomorrow highlight of year, easy parking,lots of shopping.