Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I confess

to buying four Kits for UKS summer cyber crop. The black and pink with all the lush ribbons was from Jillybeans. The turquoise kit from scrapping angels I wish now I brought the other colour choice too. Disney cartridge sent to me by my DD. The paperbag book was extra I ordered from Rebecca when you ordered her kit you could add a few bits without paying more postage. The last one was from Crafty Pastimes which I was surprised to see this morning as I know they're away this weekend. Apart from Jillybeans kit that arrived last Friday they all came this morning felt like Christmas.
Now just waiting for Modscraps Kit and ink for the printer, and Lyn from Craft Emporium who pm at UKS to say she'll pop my prize in the post. So postie stalking tomorrow too.
Went to the Docs yesterday and I have to go to the ENT to have a proper hearing test it appears that cold I had in May has left me with hearing lost in my right ear.

Monday, July 30, 2007


Here's another Joy folding card made for my nephew wedding but its a bit arty using BG Scarlett letters wonder whether I should be more traditional and get out the hearts and silver paper.
Today is the start of a busy week, MIL down on wednesday so the house needs a bit of a sort out, days out on Thurs and Friday then taking her back on Saturday and back home on Sunday. Feeling exhausted already just writing it all down.
Not sure how much crafty I can fit in but next week theres the Summer Cyber Crop on UKS starting on Wednesday 8th. Have brought four kits cos it much easier to have a couple to hand seeing as it takes ages to match papers to photos.
Waves to DS Happy Birthday.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Scrapbooking etc will resume tomorrow. Been to mychett crop with Fairy Karen, Valelady and Jemina Puddleduck had a great time and like I said no stash shopping so no guilty feelings.
I'm making a minibook with Disney photos from April didn't quite finish it too much chattering.
Last night went to see Transformers, it was great film and not just a boy flick it was funny and with some great graphics DD recommended, obviously she saw it weeks ago and Boy was she right.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Closer look

As I had technical problems yesterday and completed nothing I thought you might like a closer look at Francoise class from last Sunday. Yes they are peel offs and I do think they get bad press but if used properly they can be a useful addition. These peel offs were stuck onto double sided adhesive sheet, trimmed. Then careful sprinkle different colours of glitter one at time. Then just peel of the backing, layer and matt.
My technical problems were due to the printer, I brought some c**p photo paper and decided to reprint them. Obviously the printer was out of ink and the new one left stripes. So I cleaned them, again, again, again and again, finally it was OK but I had used loads of ink to clean them and no spare.
Then not sure if its just me but I had two photos of Jake with red eye no problem or so I thought. Would it save the new pics, no so had to find some other software I hadn't used before, it just takes more time. Finally managed to print the photos except the last two of Jake that had red eye the printer run out of ink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Sunny Friday!!!!!!!

I've joined crafty blogs and if you scoll down you should see the banner but I'm not sure if it works cos I had such a problem to get it to show up on my Blog. Its probably something very easy so if anyone knows how to do it please let me know.
On a crafty note heres the Oriental Lady that Jenny from Hobby Art taught us last Sunday with BG Pheobe papers the small 6 by 6 pack. Then I found a full length lady from Friends stamps that I brought some time ago, I think she looks stunning.
I have decided the weather is playing games with my joints because this week they are really playing up and that means not being able to do much craftywise, but the sun is up today so maybe a better day today. Looking forward to the Mychett Crop on Sunday. So if you if the Farnborough and Guildford way come and join us. Its £7 I think, for 10 -4 crop there's no shop so no temptation for those on a Stash freeze and its at Mychett Community Centre next to the BP garage.
Theres also a Summer Cyber Crop on UKS from Wednesday 8th August, its not such a fast pace as the weekend crops, there are kits on sale from various stores and I confess I have brought some.
DD has planned her trip after finishing Disney and should be home at the end of September hope she likes her bedroom.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

One scoop too many

I'm talking Ice cream, this is my challenge for UKS, you had to use pink, chocolate and vanilla, I chose Sis pic of her at Disney Village, DD and myself had a banana split which we shared and used spoons while OH and Sis had cornets deciding one scoop wasn't enough they got two. Forgetting that everything America is BIG and it was a warm day meant One Scoop too many dripping down their arms.
I used BG Pheobe, I must use some of my BG stash as there is at least two new ones I want.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

work in progress

This is what I spend my evenings on Cross Stitch, I do this while watching telly, I've always have to do something must have restless hands but before XS I used to knit which is now back in fashion crazy isn't it. Anyway this is a bengry bear in a magician costume, no idea what I'm going to do with it when I finish it but fancied doing it.
Meanwhile I have finished the cuddly bears XS but it was a real b****r to centre the words I must have done the names three times in all and there shouldn't have been a prob and I don't think its right now but I refuse to do it again. Now it has to be made into a cushion and because now an owner of sewing machine its down to me. Could've of popped into the fabric shop next door on Sunday cos they were open even though I wasn't sure what colours but by the time we came out they were shut but I have to do it soon as you can see by the date it needs to completed.

Monday, July 23, 2007

The weekend

A really busy weekend starting with the Mod Scraps Crop on Saturday, we were really lucky to be able to go to this after the terrible downpour on Friday, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire worse hit. This is the LO I managed to do, its a scraplift on the new HappyScrappin Forum . One very expensive LO, the papers I was going to use I felt didn't work so ended up buying Roxie from Ellies shop in the hall, guess what I have at home untouched a Roxie kit.

Sunday we went to the Art of Craft they had a demo weekend to celebrate twentytwo years in the craft business. We was only going to go for a couple of hours but ended up being there for five hours.
First we met the Lovely Francoise Read a very unassuming and talented lady. I love her stamps and her classes, she can take a plain bits of card, some stamps and ink, and make a fabulous card. After many years we class her as a good friend, maybe not after telling us that she has another twenty sets of new stamps coming out at the end of August including the wonderful oriental stamps being advertise in the craft mags. Then we met the wonderful Jenny of HobbyArt she had this lovely folder with her examples in and had a lovely polka dot dress stamp, had to have that and I couldn't leave without a flower stamp. Then Karen asked if we wanted to do a workshop with Jenny it was only a £5 so we said yes and Jenny was using the head of oriental lady stamp well that fell in the basket too, then Nannette asked about Francoise workshop so we did that too, now I know people moan about peel off but the ice cream sundaes with glitter they are easy and fab to do. Spent some time with Karen at the make and takes, arranging a day out scrapping then finished off looking at everything else. Was really impress with the cuttlebug especially the embossing but really can't justified the cost after buying the Cricut. So I leave you with pics of my booty.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Not so sure about the title, we've had quite a terrifying thunderstorm all the plates and glasses rattled in the kitchen with the thunder.
Well on a happy not this is my LO of UKS challenge you had to have white space, I hate white space but it doesn't look too bad was going to doodle round all the edges but sometimes I think its best to leave while the going was good.
DD had brought me Disney cartridge for the cricut but I now sure if she actually knows what the cricut does so if you're reading this scroll down and look How clean is you pool cos the title is all cut with the cricut no hand cutting for me.
Mod scraps crop on Saturday hope the weather stay decent for the drive. Sunday off to Art of the craft who are celebrating 22 years of business unfortunately some of us are not VIP.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Happy Mistake

Didn't turn out how I wanted but I'm still pleased. I loved where the title is but it left me with loads of space down the middle so I used a crafters template to make the doodles, but still wasn't happy as I felt it was too flat, I was going to us glossy accents in the circles but then decide on stickles thinking they would take on the brown colour nope they've gone an aqua green which it OK cos it goes with the paper phew.
Should be at DS house to wait for the bed but its not coming till 4 so DH will give me a lift at lunchtime.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


One of them as opened in Guildford, when did that happen, there were several things I wanted but being with DH, I had to be a bit conservative on what I brought. I got travel album which I will probably alter for my Disney photos and an A5 clear pages album. Also got papercraft inspirations for the last time, I've subscribed to it now and get my first copy in August, the truth is I only get it cos I love Jo Kill designs.
You're never guess but I haven't had a call from DREAMS to say DS bed is out of stock so I presume it will be delivered tomorrow.

Monday, July 16, 2007

And there's more

cards. The first two are Francoise Read clear stamps made by woodware. I coloured them with watercolour pencils that wet brush the colour. Cut out the guitar and semi raised it and did the same the boys legs. The Christmas cards were made with Tanda stamps and has much as I tried not to cut out and 3d them I couldn't help myself with the leaves in the last one. I also checked that the cards I make can be sent out as small post which is why I'll trying obviously not very hard, not to 3d them, more layers mean more postage.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

That was quick

I didn't realise how much we bounce different ideas of each other when Sis, Nannette and myself go out at craft demo. There was loads of room at the Fairlands hall where Craft and Co had a demo day, but its not the same with DH, you can't say "Oh that great look how they done that," " they used what paper for christmas cards" and we would have coffee to bounce more ideas of each other, a bit of gossip then off to spend at the shop. Well I did spend at the shop brought some sheets of Infuse after saying I wouldn't but they made christmas cards with some of the sheets, brought a purple scallop punch and do crafts christmas paper plus a few essentials like chalk pads, zig glue, foam pads and ribbon. Still had to hand over a couple of twentys and that is with 10% off.

I'll leave you with Mum's birthday card, here's the tutorial its called a joy folding card, I used K&Co Bailey kit from Modscraps.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


I have to say I don't really manage to do what I call Scrapbook cards not like Jo Kill does her's are FAB. These are the ones I made with the left over Crate Paper Baby Bee, all thats left of that kit is tiny scraps.
If anyone does read my blog and live near Guildford, Craft and Co are having a demo day tomorrow at Fairlands Hall check their website for details have to say their shop is a bit of Aladdins cave.

Friday, July 13, 2007

As promised

My UKS weekly challenge of DD collecting her ears, I used Scarlet Letter and a Disney song title, I also used the words to the song too it seemed very apt. The little tiny pics are from DD bebo page so they don't print large so I had to settle for a 6cm by 8 cm, the other pics are scanned from the ones DD sent to us, I do think the quality of the photos at Disney that are suppose to be professional are awful which why they scan rubbish, even so quite pleased how it looks.
The second is from the Design Collective you pay for 12 classes a month for a tenner and they send them by e-mail. When I saw Suzanne Tor's class I immediately knew what photos I wanted to use and I was using crate paper baby bee at the time and knew it would work with the photos, I'm really pleased how it turned out, I'm very reluctant to stamp on LO in case I mess it up.
I've done four LO with that crate paper and four cards which I hope later to photo or scanned and I've almost finished Mum's b/day card. Planning to do some christmas cards with the new stamps I've got from Tanda Stamps and from Simply stamps at the Newbury show.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Here's my LO of my sis without the enormous spot, it looks even worse on the pic before I made it smaller for blogger. Not sure whether it was fluke but haven't been able to do it since on photoshop. My sis is really worried that everyone will see her spot but I told her no-one reads my blog anyway, probably only my DD and Nannette. Still have some more LO to show, one I have uploaded to Design Collective and my weekly on UKS.
I've used Enfys Butterflies and Daisies, I've now run out so I will have to get some more.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I forgot to tell how was Newbury Artstamps was on Sunday. Quiet, good for me but maybe not for stalls. Not much Scrapbooking although spent quite a bit on Banana Frog. Brought stamps, pens, inkpads, brought quite a bit on Craftwork cards that was Julie Hickey fault because she was demo. Popped up to see Craft and Co but its difficult to buy when I go there nearly every week.
Here's a LO I did which is suppose to be a double but run out of a certain colour of bazzill. Tongue in cheek about Kim and Aggie.
Also a close up on the dinky flowers they are about the size of 5p piece.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dinky flowers

This is what I was making yesterday but I made the dinky flowers on Saturday, they are quite fiddly. I used an autumn leaves stamp for the tall ones, trellis ribbon for the standard size and peel offs for the landscrape ones. They are very twee but some folks will love them.
I've also have a LO done but which was going to be a double but have run out of Limeade Bazzill couldn't get any at Newbury, ordered some yesterday online who rang back to say they haven't any, and lets me honest you don't pay postage on a couple of bits of card. I also brought some clear stamps cos I thought they maybe at Newbury but they weren't so ordered areoplane stamps from onefourzero they also had little birds but inside a heart so got that too.
Weekly challenge is up on UKS 1. Scrapping an achievement, 2 Song Title, 3 more than one photo and 4 two or more patterned paper. Disney sent some photos for DD so I opened it and its her group with their Mickey Mouse ears so my photos are sorted.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Graduation Disney Style, found this pic on DD bebo site. It doesn't print well only a 6cm by 8cm so I hope she gets a professional one.
Disney is so organised cos DD doesn't finish till September.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Done it

I have emailed my BOB entries, I have no chance whatever my sister thinks. If they ask to publish one LO in their readers gallery then I will be happy not as happy if I won a grands worth of stuff but pleased just the same.
Heres a little bit of one of them.
Off to Newbury on Sunday, have pennies in my pocket and I don't plan to bring any back.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


but I'm coming back as a man well at least for next five days.
Here's my weekly, I think it a bit too busy for the photos to be together but its done and I've load more photos of Chelsea.
At the mo doing a double LO with bright green but you will just have to wait.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Where did you get that hat

At last a pic of something crafty, my LO of Jake wearing the hat I brought him in Orlando. Sis wants to be called Grandma so when we saw this in Cypress Gdns I think we had to buy it for him. Do you love the flowers they're the ones I mention in other posts. You will find them here under scrapbooking, I may have to get some more.

I leave the weekly for tomorrow but I don't think it worked that well.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


It the 3rd July and haven't blogged for days how bad is that. Went to see Pirates 3 on Sat, yes I know its been out for ages. Its been so long since we've been to the pics I had forgotten how comfortable seats they are and who chose the longest film. I even took my neck cushion but about halfway through lost all feeling in one arm, I felt sorry for the person behind cos I was such a fidget.
I haven't anything crafty to show you but that doesn't mean I haven't done anything, I finished my BOB LO but I don't like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today I have done the weekly challenge on UKS and nearly finished a LO using Enfys crochet flowers so there might be two photos tomorrow.
I have got Photoshop Elements and have managed to lose the big, no enormous spot on my Sis face quite impressed. I have a book at least three inches thick on tips!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well its going dark again, we've had a thunderstorm that lasted four hours and it looks like its come round again to have another go at us.