Sunday, September 30, 2007


Does anyone have days like mine, whatever I do, it looks rubbish. Had a couple of ideas and they didn't work out and they found themselves in the bin. Lucky for me this lasted one day and I'm now well into doing my mystery kit but of course, chose something that will take a while to do, so bear with me and I'll be back with some LO's and cards.

Friday, September 28, 2007


Other Magnolia stampers have used glitter on the wings of these stamps never thought of that so made this little one. I also brought the glitter pad from DCWV wouldn't use it for scrapbooking but I got the small pad for cards.
Well I have my mystery kit for the Birthday Cyber Crop have to keep it all hush hush. Do I have any idea want to do with it errr NO really would like to sort it out before I go to Scrapcamp. This time next week I shall be driven over to Sis with far too much stash of course. We're leaving quite early to miss some of the weekend traffic but will go to Cribbs Causeway for lunch.
I need to sort out photos but ran out of ink hope that the new ones arrive soon.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Baby's back

My baby's back exhausted, so relieved to have her back home. The US is a long way if there is a problem. She maxed her Credit Card but managed to do everything she planned.
Nothing crafty at the mo found out I through to next round of the monthly challenge. I haven't really watched the voting cos I was sure my favourite was going through so I'm rather stunned.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Finished UKS challenge managed all the points, just realised the photo is awful. Had to use orange, yellow red and green, 3 photos, something metal and the theme is Happy. My cd collection in my little room has to be moved to make up some space, in order to do that I've got to sort the shelve above the computer which has all this pc, disc, leads and all sorts of junk not sure where to start.
DD is finally home tonight after 11 months away can't wait to give her a big hug.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I so wanted to play with my new stuff but felt rubbish, but I was determined and make this card using my new hero arts clear stamp for the background using brilliance lavender, the cuttlebug embossed the winter words, quickcutz snowflake, used a white souffle pen to fill in the words and to colour some of the snowflakes and while the ink was still wet sprinkled glamour dust over it. So for one little card my room is glittering like a christmas tree.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Morning Feeling

Last of the Magnolia cards I've made, this time is for Loo so I hope she doesn't read my blog. I've decoupage the horse and the rosette I made using a small scallop punch, the papers are scraps of making memories. Funky Kits and Silly Monkey have more magnolias on preorder and I'm trying to resist but there is a great Father Christmas that I really like. The weekly challenge on UKS is tequila, bright colours so it looks like another Jake LO wearing a bright orange T shirt you can't get brighter than that, but laying low for the next couple of day while I recover from the weekend. DD is now in New York and on the last leg of her trip before coming home.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Back from Kent didn't find much about my descendents but did manage to buy some nice bits of Tunbridge Ware. My Gt Grandfather is John Kemp of Boyce, Brown & Kemp who manufactured Tunbridge Ware, most of their wares were for the tourist market so little trinket boxes, pin cushions etc.
Although was told only 1 craft shop I managed 3. Crafts U Luv in Charlwood, The Craft Barn in Lingfield (shock, horror they're closing down on the 7th October) and Craft Central at Notcutts at Cranleigh we needed to get a pressie for a friend OH suggested on the way home to pop in, had a feeling that Craft Central had opened there!!!!!!
Not sure if Sis has her birthday card from Mum yet but here it is in all its glory, and another Magnolia girl with her frilly petticoat from myself to Sis.

Friday, September 21, 2007

UKS Challenge

Well the challenge this week was to scrap on something other than 12 by 12, so I can tick that box, something norty well that was more difficult because I'm never norty!!!!!!!!!! but then I remember the pic of Stitch with a can a beer. DD wasn't happy with us cos he's not allowed beer.
You also had to add ribbons so that task is all completed. I have used the other Magnolia stamp but I'll load that Sunday hopefully when I get back from Kent.
As the navigator have planned our route via Crafts U Luv and I have a list, some more embossing folders for the cuttlebug saw some nice baby embellishments and some hero arts clear stamps.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Sis

I was going to show the gaudy card I made for Mum to give to Doreen but even though I got the card to Mum so she could give it to Sis on Tuesday she decided to post it. There lays a problem anyone who makes cards are aware that 3d elements can make the card a large letter, try and explain that to my Mother and there lays the problem. So Sis might have to pay extra postage and admin costs. But these are much better cards , the little magnolia stamps. Of course the one with a petticoat just had to be layered and I stamped onto some patterned paper, I love how their dresses match the background paper which is DCWV teen pack.
Traci has made a super little book for her momji dolls it is so cute and she doing RAK on her blog so pop over and leave comment. I love Traci's work it is so original. Today I must really do my UKS challenge I'm away this weekend so it must be done today, good job I have an idea.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Crate paper

One of the sympathy cards I've made lately, quick and simple just used left over scraps of crate paper. Just have enough left for about one more card which I will use for a Magnolia stamp that I got yesterday. Yes I know another band wagon but I only got three and they are a bit cheaper because they are unmounted. I'm going to use one for Sis's card and one for Loo. Couldn't use them yesterday as the workmen nicked the plug that the light went in for their power tools so I sat on all day checking out family on my Grandad's side for the relations from Canada that are spending the day with Sis. DD is now in San Francisco and have handed in the VAN that they've been driving, I wipe my brow with a sign of relief.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I nearly forgot I made a page for the Tutors, I just saved their pic from the Scrapcamp site and printed them very small, but the PC didn't like Jane's or Cleo's pic they're a bit fuzzy. I've left the back blank the plan is to get them to sign it for me.

Pre event challenge

How do I get talked into such things. FairyKaren has organised this, it is what they did for Scrapganza. 4inches by 4 inches with a pic of yourself with detail about yourself on the back. Trust me after 19 of these little devils go for clean and simple. Who decided on squares and doodling on each one and for the person who told me it was therapeutic I may never speak to you again!
But there's more someone called my Sister asked for Ellie and Mandy to join but have to say they didn't reply. So I made two more to go into my book of Ellie and Mandy.

On the back of theirs I saved their banners to my pictures and inserted into word, popped some information with it and printed it out and stuck it on the back.

Then I thought rather than make a separate planner make some more pages for my timetable. At this point I have taken my own advice and kept them very simple and the flowers are just for FairyKaren who wanted me to put flowers on my ME pages.

Then I printed my timetable and stuck then on the back of the revelent pages. So providing my Sis has got it right this how my weekend looks. If you click onto the pic you can just about read it.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Define you CJ now finished has you can see I used each letter of my name and found a word to described myself, the 'b' were hard ended up bibliophile (book lover) and bibulous (fond of drinking).

I'm now making the dinky pages for a swap at Scrapcamp, which most of us at the crop were doing but we all quickly got fed up with them. We had such a laugh at the crop, we're sure going to be noisy lot at Scrapcamp.

Plans for the week guess I better make my Sis a birthday card, also plan for the weekend, we're going to Tonbridge for the weekend although not the best weekends cos there's something going on at Brands Hatch but we're going to look at where my Grandparents were born and hopefully find out where they lived etc and hopefully to buy some Tunbridge Ware that my Gt Grandfather manufactured.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tent card again

There's a blog challenge on Sillybirds blog to make a tent card, well how could I resist seeing how much I love doing this. so with the scrap left over from the cj and a stamp barn stamp this is want I came up with although I wished I hadn't bothered with the buttons but whats done is done.

DS is now home with all his designer gear he brought, especially a very expensive suitcase made by Porsche!!!! Also some scary tales about his DD but that what brothers are for.

So off to the crop this morning, I shall be making 17 4inches by 4 inches little pages of me to swap at Scrapcamp which is now less than 3 weeks away, must do a planner for timetable too.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Monthly challenge now done for UKS sorry for the crooked picture it looks like I had more than one glass of red wine. I finally opened the cherryarte kit from Scrap studio and then only used one bit of patterned paper but used five colours of bazzill. I found this pics during the summer cyber crop on UKS I used then on the dinky purse mini book but I really wanted to do a LO. I used Heidi Swapp chipboard, some chipboard from the stash brought USA, large stickers for the 88 that I've had for ages and plastic flowers from American Craft. Nearly finished the other cj I've got but I have to do another sympathy card bit worried seeing these things come in threes. The postman has been, I now own a Karen Foster shoulder tote in hot pink that will go with seat tote which OH said I could have. Hopefully between Stanley and the new tote I won't have so many bits and pieces to carry or should I say for my bag lady to carry (hello Sis). Had to alter our timetable for Scrapcamp classes nothing drastic, may be a bit of rush to eat dinner on Friday night, our first class starts 3/4 hour after dinner and Jane Dean Tarte class we are now doing at 8.15 in the evening instead of the morning. Well DS comes home today and already we know he's plane has been delayed, who needs an alarm clock when you have two kids texting you in the middle of the night.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Seeing as I'm pretty sure the girl whose this cj belongs doesn't read my blog I'm happy to load it. I think the worse thing with cj it working out what to do when basically the same things apply as everyone else, hopefully I've managed a bit different here. Things that bring me Joy. My children who have grown to become independent adults, its a joy to watch them enjoy life.
Well Friday is upon us, picking up DS on Sat and Sunday cropping at Mytchett community centre so if you fancy good company, plenty of laughs (Sis is so funny) and some scrapbooking or even card making come and join us about 10.30.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tent Cards

Sorry about the awful carpet but its in the room with the best light. Now all I need to do is stop doing these shape cards. I've now read on someone's blog that they are called tent cards, sounds better than overlap cards. This is for nephew who is now the owner of a flat in Farnborough and becoming a grown up (yeah right) I used the free papers that came with this months Crafts Beautiful but I downloaded from their online site. I loved the papers but why buy when I get to read it at my Sis. The stamp is a Stamps away from Clevercut very reasonable clear acrylic stamps which reminds me haven't been on their site recently.

I've decided to buy a Karen Foster shoulder tote I have a blue one but this has pockets and stuff and is pink to with AMM tote bag, now do I need the Karen Foster seatcase its on special offer at Storage for cards it may be beneficial to wait till Saturday the current C/C bill will be made up.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Challenge Done

Uks challenge done and another page for my April Disney Album 2007. All elements present and correct.
Next on the agenda is New Home card, cj and maybe the uks monthly challenge.
It official I've lost some hearing in my right ear and I have problems with certain frequency and the sound of the sea that I constantly hear is probably tinnitus but sounds different to what I used to because probably the cochlea has been damaged by the cold I had in April. Guess what can be done, learn to live with it, like the rest of me. Although going to have further tests in case in could be something else which I'll rather not have.
On the stash buying I've been really good and because I've several of Scrap Studio Kits ( not because they not very good but are too good and just waiting for the right photo to justified using them) waiting to be used and by not buying any stash does mean I might break into them.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

last of the cards

The last of the cards I've made, many thanks to Kirsty Wiseman downloads the stripey papers are both her downloads. I've also use the cuttlebug embossing, loving that too at the mo. The floral stamp I think is Oxford Impressions so don't quote me on that and the lad is Francoise Read stamp from Woodware.
And of course love the overlapping cards. I've also made Mum's card for Sis obviously can't show it cos I know Sis is my No 1 fan, but want I can say it my mum love gaudy cards, so lots of glitter, ribbons and words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DS is in Las Vegas and has met up with DD.
Take a minute of your time to remember all those who lost their lives on 9/11

Monday, September 10, 2007


I love these landscrape cards which you overlap, pretty sure I saw over at Beate's blog hope the link works it does take a time to load. I've used some K&Co patterned papers. Used some glitter dust on the orange flowers.

The UKS weekly challenge seems to be getting harder each week.

Stitching (real, doodled, stamped or rub on) - 10 points
Question element - either a question for the title or a question in the journalling or use of a question mark - 10 points
Include stars and stripes in your LO (any colour) - 5 points
Use Lavender (or purple) and lemon (or yellow) on your LO somewhere - 5 points

Poor Mandy from ScrapStudio/Scrapcamp is tearing her hair out there we all were at the checkout with our classes chosen and but no-one could get pass it. I think personally it was because it came up with a £2.99 postage which confused the site because there was no payment to be paid and no payment option but the site knew you had to pay postage, but hey thats my theory. And of course who can't link onto email on sites cos of how DS reloaded ntl/virgin, I have to be in as DS to go into my outlook express so Sis had to e-mail Mandy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Thank You

First of all many thanks to Manicstamper aka Sheila for the wonderful bundle of blog candy, don't you just love the ribbons and theres a pack of card which could be just the colours I'm looking for.

So my Sis rings me this morning you haven't updated you blog yesterday errr I haven't done anything crafty. This cold which I'm struggling to shake off has allowed my inspiration to disappear so yesterday I spent it with a Proud, Arrogant man with smouldering dark eyes only thing is, that annoying Miss Elizabeth Bennett kept popping in.
AAARH Mr Darcy. While reading MariaGrace Abuzman chat on Scrap Studio she mentioned liking Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth which reminded me I now have the dvd and because OH was working, so pure indulgence for me.

Tonight I've got to book my classes for Scrapcamp, just four weeks to go. Have been looking at the Karen Foster seat tote they're on special offer at Storage 4 crafts, I know I have Stanley but once I put my ribbons in the bottom there's not much room for anything else, so I end up with my pink bag with my brads in, and a bag for my two 12by 12 boxes. So I'm thinking if I get one I can put all the odd bags in one and still bring Stanley!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

How I Watercolour

First you need to stamp your image

You need to use an ink pad that doesn't bleed. I've used Versafine, but I have used Brilliance and some people use Stazon. The card is thin cheap white, nothing special at all.(blame the photographer for the blue photos) When I first started card making, money was tight and watercolour pencils didn't come cheap, but six years down the line I'm still using my original watercolour pencils from WHS, but I do recommend that you get a good make, have tried cheaper versions and they don't seem to work as well.

Some stamps have shading already on them, so all I do is to colour where they are, leaving the rest of the are uncoloured.

Again colour darker shading areas of the stamped image, this is how I cheat at shading.

I use a painbrush but some people use an aquabrush, yes I do have one but I don't seem to get on with it, so I use a size 2 paintbrush and a pot of clean water and load my brush with water. It it's a small area, I brush my paintbrush over the top of my hand to make sure it's damp rather than wet. I drag the paintbrush from the colour across the white area. If you have too much water you can blot it with a bit of kitchen roll.

I have done exactly the same with flowers, sometimes my paper curls but if you let it dry out and I mean really dry out like overnight, its usually alright.

Here I layer two images the same, then cut out the flowers, I embossed the petals so that they curled, stuck the centres down flat and used 3d foam to lift the petals.

Heres a couple more samples. In the case of a stamp what doesn't have obvious shading remember shadows are usually on one side. So in the case of the sample below, I've coloured the image on the left hand side and dragged the colour over to the right.

At last

At last my challenge for UKS, book title, purple, new start and bling. Quite pleased how it turned especially as I wasn't feeling very well, which I think I'm now on the mend.

I've updated my picturetrail not sure if you access using the link but you can get into my gallery by using debby4000. It has loads of my old stuff that I think I lost with the computer crash in April so I shall have to keep it up. I have updated cards07, mini books and scrapbooking 07.

There's a new monthly challenge on UKS Summer Sunshine sponsored by Capture the Magic, might have a go with all the summer kits I have around. I do have a pic in mind.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Stitch in the house

Nearly finished the challenge but this cold has definitely affected the creative juices. So the pics are for DD to let her know that Stitch has arrived from the US safe and sound and making himself at home.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Sorry no creations full of a cold with an awful sore throat so I sat watching daytime tv (made me feel worse) and did some XS. I have got a photo on my desk for this weeks challenge on UKS so maybe if the pain pills work and I feel a bit better I will have a go.
Checked out my blogs this morning, and found my name annouced on manicstampers blog, bit of a shock to see name and took a minute (blame the cold) to work out why but I won some blog candy cos Sheilas 20,000 hits. Gosh I've been so lucky lately and certainly made me feel a bit better. Check out Sheila blog she has some lovely cards on there.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Class Schedule

Couple more cards I've made the flowers are rubber stamps from Simply Stamps and paper is BG.

The class schedule is up for Scrapcamp, once Sis and I coloured coded the classes we managed to work out which ones we wanted to do. Apart from Maria Grace Abuzman album class we are going for LO classes, Sis doesn't get much time to Scrapbook so this gives her a chance to have some completed LO, although I did mention that for MariaGrace class there's jounalling homework to which I was given THE LOOK. We also wanted to take a least one class with every teacher its not everyday you get to take a class with the likes of Jane Dean, Kirsty Wiseman and The ButtonLady sorry Cleo Jarvis.

So next Sunday at 6pm will be sat at my PC waiting to book the classes, I've even checked that I remembered my password ( which I didn't so got that sorted out)

DS leaves for Los Angeles on Thursday to meet up DD at Las Vegas at some point.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

A mad man created havoc yesterday cleaning our carpets, of course it wasn't warm enough to dry them so the heating was belting out most of the evening. We even went to bed with the fan on cos it was so hot. But it was worth it they look great and OH did the suite too you could almost say they looked brand new.

I did make some cards, I wasn't that keen of the card for the swap so I made another using scraps of paper using inspiration from Di Hickman august #5.
I madethe daisy card with left scraps of Kirsty Wiseman download too.
Now having only made a few cards my little room looks a bombs hit it, need to tidy it up before I do anything more.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

card swap

Still having PC probs, only thing is some websites are now faster but the ones I'm having probs are just as bad and its mainly UKS and sponsors using the same hosting. Luckily blogger likes me at the mo.
I joined a card swap on Mod Scraps forum unfortunately the forum is only open for the last of the swaps before it closes down. So the first card is mine pearlescent card embossed by the cuttlebug goes through a treat, Kirsty Wiseman freebie download and a bit of ribbon. The stamp is Hobby Art and was one of the first stamp I got many moons ago. Stamped three times, watercoloured with pencils and layered. Hopefully this will be posted to my swappee over the weekend.
Have already received mine from CrazyDaisy, I just love the paper.

Here's my Magician all stitched an outlined, cute isn't he, all I need now is some material to make a patchwork cushion for him. I have decided on the challenge for the next project. Its 10 by 13 inches of a basket of flowers the designer is Betty Davis (I love her ballerina's) although it was done on 16 count Aida, I'm doing it on linen don't want to make my life too easy now.