Friday, March 30, 2007


Had a rubbish day yesterday I know it wasn't unexpected but a nuisance any way, not so bad today but having to be careful. I still have Birthday cards to do, my design collective folder, a cj to make and my team on UKS wants us to make a fries box to hold each other details in. I'm happy to do this but I'm counting down for the states.
Sis showed me TV craft telly where this lady made a mini book of cd mailer envelopes and used a luggage clasp to secure it, both things on my list to buy.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Here's my paperbag book from ModScraps crop on Saturday taught by Ellie. Used pics from Sis computer of her DD. If she finds my blog she could have a bit of a surprise. It is now 13 days to go before we fly out to Orlando and I've been thinking of getting a cricut but worried about its guarantee in this country but OH said we could get one in this country when we get back and buy the cartridges cheaper over there. So have check the website now have a list of what I want to get.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Hurrah at last Blogger likes me again and now I can upload Jake. Saw this picture and knew this Mod Scraps Kit was waiting for just that pic. Had a great weekend, Sat down to Bristol for Mod Scraps Crop made a fantastic paperbag mini book by Ellie met CrazyDaisy who helped by my Sis twisted my arm and I'm now doing a CJ. I also joined a team on UKS and joining into challenges they include Daffodils and Rabbits!!!!!!

Sunday while the boy were cleaning the Lido Sis and I got out out Scrap Stash and I made a couple of LO and Sis went bonkers and made load with my help of course.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

blogger bother

Well I have worked out how to charge my camera battery. DD has a docking system with her Kodak and after hunting for the box my camera came in I found the adaptor thingy. One charged battery. Photo the two LO have done and guess what Blogger is misbehaving. Why is it the most popular blogs never seem to have a prob.

Monday, March 19, 2007

The saga of the Missing Battery Charger

Not be able to get a battery charger, there is a possibility online but they want £30 didn't realise it would be so expensive. Managed to talk to my niece who's out in Spain at the end of the month to check the our bedroom but we are convinced we packed it.
So for now hes's a card I did for a 50p challenge. Plain white linen card that I cut and fold myself so cost about 6p, the flower is thin card, I drew petals, used watercolours pencils, cut out layered the petals to make the the flower. The out line and words I used the thin end of a Marvey pen and the a large gem which I worked out probably cost 5p.
It was Mother's day yesterday, got a text message from DD and spoke to her on Saturday. It mother's Day out in the US sometime in May so will have to wait till them to get a card. DS on the other hand brought me a large card with Dollars inside (lots) so this will help my craft money out in the US at the moment I keep raiding it for non craft things like Lunch, my mother's day present, food shopping and on Sat its Mod Scraps crop so no doubt Mandy will have loads of stuff that I need now.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy Days

Happy Days as my mother would say. Yes we have mislaid the battery charger hopefully Sis will take me to electrical shop to see if I can get another one tomorrow.
Meanwhile we have some nice new blinds in the rooms at the back of the house, we have a blind for the dining room patio doors but due to being a storage company can not get to the doors to put them up. In fact my house is a tip, the dining room is a tip, sorry Andrea you room is a tip too, lets not even talk about David's room and if you ever go into the bathroom after DS that'll be a tip too! Hopefully DS will move soon and things will be back to normal.

Friday, March 16, 2007


Guess who can't find the camera battery charger, and whose new printer lid doesn't come off to scan 12 by 12 LO to stitch, that'll be me then. I have visions of the charger in the drawer in our bedroom in Spain although DH assures me it was empty. Now I have to wait till someone (that'll be DH) to go in the loft to look in the suitcases.

At the moment I'm waiting for paint to dry and keep popping on the computer and being sidetracked.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

A bit late

I know christmas as been and gone but this was something I wanted to scrap. I seemed to have lost my way a bit and I feel the same about Jake LO (battery in camera flat will post soon) I've made so many cards lately and there's a lot more inspiration around mags and blogs my fingers are itching to make more cards. Only problem then you have to give them away.
Anyway this LO is about Andrea's pressies she sent us.

Yes I did turn left yesterday, well there was a full loyalty card burning a hole in my purse so I had to spend it, brought a couple of small punches (suitable for cardmaking) and some more catseye chalks, I wear them out with all the inking I do.
Also popped into town, mothers day presents, banking and bits and bobs from partners. I now have a file case to file all my family tree findings, a binder for all my pagemaps and a notepad for things I have, things I want and what sizes I need, for when we are in the US.

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Weekend

It is really hard to get onto the computer at weekends blame DS. Had a amazing few days, have been looking into my family tree and recently managed to find my Grandfather and his immediate family. I use Genesunited to make my family tree and was amazed to received an e-mail from a lady who turns out to be the great grandaughter of my Great Aunt. Just proves the world is a small one.
We are all set now for Florida in four weeks, seats booked, resort rang to arrange a ground floor apartment and hopefully I've booked the wheelchair (yuk but it has to be done).
Unforturnately we went to a crop yesterday and they had the Cricut (have been trying to convince myself I do not need one) and yes I do need one now. So the plan now is to see how cheap we can get one over there and I promised to JPD to look out for the new disney cricut cartridges.
The Crop was arranged by JPD, Fairy and Valelady at Mychett (spelling) it was good fun, I shuffled papers for about 3 hrs then managed half a LO, Sis just gave up and interferred with everyone elses scrapping. There was no shop has it really was all about likewise people scrapping or making cards. Hopefully I will finished my LO for posting later.

Friday, March 09, 2007

That's it

This is the last card I'm making for DS he even turned up his nose at this one. I photo it standin up so you see the butterfly better. I used Chatterbox papers. Really pleased how this turned out. Now I just need to get some inspiration for some scrapbooking because I've lost it.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Wings and Flowers

Gosh has it been 3 day since I blogged and its not that I've been anywhere. Opps yes I have I've been to my LSS wasn't going to spend a lot, but they had Francoise new clear stamps, I want them all but I've settle for the teen boy, but really love the monster one and the fairy, then I saw the new BG. Why is it I always choose the wrong ones, I brought online Phoebe and Stella Ruby, they are OK but when I saw Scarlett Letter knew I had to have it. Add a few punches and some foam letters from Papermania (so they were cheap) it soon added up and Sis put in a card order to craft creations another arm and leg.

On other new DS wants a card for ex girlfriend but doesn't like any even these ones I made using the cd Wings and Flowers from Little Big Tree told him to buy one from a SHOP!!!!!!

Monday, March 05, 2007

29 years and counting

Yesterday was our 29th wedding anniversary, we exchanged cards but it felt very much an ordinary day, I think next year will ought to make a bit more effort!

Finally finished this LO, have been really stuck for a title so I settled for a take on toys r us which is where you go if you got kids for christmas presents.

Have a nice new printer which has been working hards a printed off some pic of Jake and Tim under the sea. Tim has some great photos of his trip to Oz, skydiving, some more under the sea and snow, all of which I've asked for.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Its Official

I'm going to pensioned off from work, my HR manager rang me yesterday to say that the welfare board have agreed to my claim. As yet not sure how much my pension will be but it suddenly seems so final. I feel quite emotional I've worked for over 18 years with them, made some great friends, had lots of laughs. It also means I can't keep burying my head in the sand and I will really must sort out my mobility problems out. Sign up for shoppmobility, dial a ride and maybe work out if we can afford one of those awful things mobility scooter yuk! Anyway here's want I've been up to lately.
The definition of love is from Jans Kit from Mod Scrap and so it the love is. 30 today was made with left over Basic Grey from the boy range from last summer. The swirls and flowers, the swirl is Rhona Farrar swirl and the little flowers are made from scraps, an office punch, they are fiddly. The flowers were a class at my local LSS. I think the lady was called Beryl but wouldn't swear to it but she is very much into quilling.