Thursday, March 15, 2007

A bit late

I know christmas as been and gone but this was something I wanted to scrap. I seemed to have lost my way a bit and I feel the same about Jake LO (battery in camera flat will post soon) I've made so many cards lately and there's a lot more inspiration around mags and blogs my fingers are itching to make more cards. Only problem then you have to give them away.
Anyway this LO is about Andrea's pressies she sent us.

Yes I did turn left yesterday, well there was a full loyalty card burning a hole in my purse so I had to spend it, brought a couple of small punches (suitable for cardmaking) and some more catseye chalks, I wear them out with all the inking I do.
Also popped into town, mothers day presents, banking and bits and bobs from partners. I now have a file case to file all my family tree findings, a binder for all my pagemaps and a notepad for things I have, things I want and what sizes I need, for when we are in the US.

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