Monday, March 12, 2007

The Weekend

It is really hard to get onto the computer at weekends blame DS. Had a amazing few days, have been looking into my family tree and recently managed to find my Grandfather and his immediate family. I use Genesunited to make my family tree and was amazed to received an e-mail from a lady who turns out to be the great grandaughter of my Great Aunt. Just proves the world is a small one.
We are all set now for Florida in four weeks, seats booked, resort rang to arrange a ground floor apartment and hopefully I've booked the wheelchair (yuk but it has to be done).
Unforturnately we went to a crop yesterday and they had the Cricut (have been trying to convince myself I do not need one) and yes I do need one now. So the plan now is to see how cheap we can get one over there and I promised to JPD to look out for the new disney cricut cartridges.
The Crop was arranged by JPD, Fairy and Valelady at Mychett (spelling) it was good fun, I shuffled papers for about 3 hrs then managed half a LO, Sis just gave up and interferred with everyone elses scrapping. There was no shop has it really was all about likewise people scrapping or making cards. Hopefully I will finished my LO for posting later.

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