Monday, March 19, 2007

The saga of the Missing Battery Charger

Not be able to get a battery charger, there is a possibility online but they want £30 didn't realise it would be so expensive. Managed to talk to my niece who's out in Spain at the end of the month to check the our bedroom but we are convinced we packed it.
So for now hes's a card I did for a 50p challenge. Plain white linen card that I cut and fold myself so cost about 6p, the flower is thin card, I drew petals, used watercolours pencils, cut out layered the petals to make the the flower. The out line and words I used the thin end of a Marvey pen and the a large gem which I worked out probably cost 5p.
It was Mother's day yesterday, got a text message from DD and spoke to her on Saturday. It mother's Day out in the US sometime in May so will have to wait till them to get a card. DS on the other hand brought me a large card with Dollars inside (lots) so this will help my craft money out in the US at the moment I keep raiding it for non craft things like Lunch, my mother's day present, food shopping and on Sat its Mod Scraps crop so no doubt Mandy will have loads of stuff that I need now.

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