Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Double

The orginal double LO was Pink very pink, I like pink but the idea was to use photos of DD on her road trip has one of the girls has a streak of shocking pink in her hair I wanted papers with just the hint of pink. Then when I asked if I could use some photos I got the look and had to rethink. All these photos are scanned from the orginal and several need to be lightened but they don't look so bad. The first page has a couple of little books and you see farther down them opened up.

Here the LO side by side.

Christmas Cards are still haunting me even DH has asked how they were coming along. But there's something far more important, a birthday card for DH for tomorrow, with us both being Librans its a wonder anything gets done. Dentist today not picked the best day for that but when you had 40th birthday you try to forget the ones that come after.

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