Thursday, June 21, 2007


Here's my Lo for the weekly challenge on UKS out with old in with the new. The first pic is a slide that I scanned and it the only pic of OH and myself when we were courting ( what a old fashion word). We met in the hot summer of 1976, married in 78, so next year year will be our Pearl wedding anniversary. I used a Pagemap sketch very handy if you are in need for inspirations. The metal frame things are what I brought couple of years ago when I first started scrapbooking they had white paper or vellum inside them, so I cut them out and put matching paper inside them, used glossy accents on frame to stick it to the paper. The paper is crate paper, its their baby one can't think of it name. Good old cricut for the title and words.
DD room is nearly empty, still a box of odds and sods to pack. Its rolling in dust and cobwebs and OH said by the time he cleans, wash, fill holes and rub down this weekend it will be another week before we actually get down to painting.
OH helped put together DS desk that he brought for the money he paid for it, I would have expected it to be assembled already. He has also brought a mirror which when he get his bed matches really well, but its heavy and someone's got to hang it on the wall, "so that'll be Dad then" says DS.

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