Friday, May 11, 2007

Mr Blair

Yesterday Mr Blair declared he is stepping down as PM and recalled his achievements, one of which is the NHS service, which is rubbish. I am scared s******s that I might have to go into hospital for anything cos of all the bugs I might come home with, babies being born in corridors and two midwifes managing a ward of 24 women. As for waiting lists I had a procedure which I waited for 9 months that wasn't neccessary to avoid being put on a surgery waiting list of course this procedure wasn't a goverment waiting list so it looks like I only waited 7 months for surgery which the NHS hospital paid a private hospital to do and are now millions in the red and is under threat of being closed. The scary thing I don't have faith that the other parties would be any better.
Moneywise are we any better, nope because although both OH and myself are in low paid jobs we are and always have been a few pounds above the poverty line and always worse off when ever there is a budget. Minium wage is Scotland goes a lot farther up there then it does down here in the southeast.
Right off my soapbox off to hide somewhere

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