Friday, November 09, 2007

And there's more

If you make a brilliant card well you just have to do some more and maybe change the colour, so thats my Christmas cards total up by 9. Many thanks to Di Hickman's sketch
So off to Edgeware today, going to be good about my spending, especially has I've brought some Sugar Nellies a bit disappointed cos I think I may have missed the best ones but to make up I brought a couple of Matildas.

Yesterday was a bit sad with my work mate's funeral but she had the most gorgeous coffin it was painted with a beach scene all the way round it looked stunning. I had never seen the chapel so full they couldn't close the doors because people were in the foyer unable to get in. Feel so sad for her family she was their rock.

On a happier note I've been downloading itunes including one from Linkin Park does this make me COOL.

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Unknown said...

WOW! What gorgeous cards - how busy have you been! I just LOVE that snowflake. Lol