Thursday, December 27, 2007

All I got for Christmas

Did you all get what you wanted for Christmas. I got a Disney cricut cartridge with all the dwarfs looking forward to making Mr Grumpy for you know who. Also got the paper dolls cartridge not only the dolls but the accessories look good for card making. Got loads of other stuff but the best of the bunch has to be the telly turntable, my amm tote sits on it beautifully and now spins round, need to have a bit of a sort out cos it didn't have room to spin where it used to live.
No crafting has been done and off to Sis later this morning but have decided on some 2008 projects. First is a A-Z journal about me, having that scare lately has made me realised that this would've have been something I should've of done, Creative World are doing prompts every couple of weeks so this will help spur me on. Also its MIL 80th Birthday and doesn't seem to need anything so I will make her an album like Sis and myself did for our Mum.


My Paper World said...

Ooooh! That sounds fab! I look forward to seeing what you create with your disney cartridge!

Dawn Wheeler said...

Wow you lucky thing ,carn't waite to see how you use the die cuts ,Dawnx