Friday, February 22, 2019

Not more Crocheting


I've very nearly finished my Lost Garden by Helen Shrimpton, I'm on row 91 with possibly another 3 to do. This is the stage I find the blanket too heavy and I've had to have a few rest days since I over did it. Just need to pace myself with other project.

I really am going to make a stash blanket of odds and ends instead of altering a pattern than forget what I did I've chosen the first 4 rows of a square from Jan Eaton Book of 200 Granny Squares. I can't remember whats it called but I've mark the page.

Meanwhile my Thursday Night Blizzard Squares are nearly adding up to be put together. It whether I do 7 squares by 9 squares in which case I need 8 more grey ones but I can't decide whether to 8 by 10. It would mean quite a few more squares to make in both colours.

Here's a close up of the two colours.

It's been a bit of struggle this week barely any time in my craft room card making and now I have a bit of sore throat lets hope that doesn't turn into something nasty. I was really hoping to be able to go to the Make It Show on Saturday.


Jane Willis said...

Every time I see your crochet I think "I really MUST get back into crochet". Such an inspiration, especially that beautiful blanket.
I'm hoping to shake off my cold in time for the Make It show on Saturday, too, but at the moment it looks as if I may not "make it to Make It"

Pat said...

You are such a prolific crocheter Debby and that blanket is a stunner and such pretty colours, and with all those extra squares on the go too I look forward to seeing what you end up with. x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Your crocheting is beautiful. Hope you don’t become ill and get to the show x

Sarah said...

You are a demon with a crochet hook Debby and this throw is amazing. I love the colours. Looking forward to seeing the blizzard squares made up too. Hope you manage to stay well xx

Kath said...

Beautiful crochet and the squares are fabulous. Crochet is one craft that I've never managed to master so I'm envious of your beautiful work.
Kath x

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

I really thought you meant "NO More" crocheting! LOL, I'm so glad I'll still see your beautiful work. As for the blanket, I've not seen anything like it, it is amazing work Debby. Absolutely gorgeous. Love your squares all in lovely colours.

sue w. said...

Hi Debbie, wow, your blanket is amazing, love it. Hope your sore throat clears up quickly.

Hugs Sue W.

Rebecca INKorporated said...

I Love This! Beautiful pattern and colors!!!

Cheryl W said...

You do amazing crochet work! Thanks so much for sharing it with all your followers.

ike said...

Eeee ! Such awesome crochet :-) Where did you get the pattern for the 'Blizzard ' squares ?
I am just doing a crochet baby blanket with lions, tigers and bears on it :-D
I hope your sore throat buggers off and doesn't turn into anything more nasty :-( xxxx

Sandra H said...

So pretty and creative x