Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Wanting bloglovin to recognise this is my blog which why I've had to make this post.


  1. l'm following you in Bloglovin xx

  2. Lovely card Debby, and I'm following, kate x

  3. Brilliant card, love the colours and all the dies.

    Kath x

  4. I can't cope with another medium, Debby, but if my current following mechanism goes down I'll be right here with you. Hugs, Lesley

  5. Hi Debby, as far as I can tell it's only new Followers that have to join using Bloglovin' (or Feedly Plus etc), your existing Followers still get the feed automatically; I've joined Bloglovin' too and your feed is coming straight to me in Bloglovin' as well as in Blogger until July at least) - I didn't have to "Follow" you again on Bloglovin' So hopefully it means all our Followers don't have to resubscribe to the blogs we/they want to continue Following... hope that made sense :-) I also read it as being the thumbnails that will go in July, so you can't see at a glance who (are how many) are Following - not so sure on that one, lol. I wish they'd just leave it alone, I don't need the stress! Donna xx

  6. Simply gorgeous. Just love the Spring colours and details.


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