Friday, March 30, 2018

How much is that doggy in the window

I tried to make a dog that looked like my nephew's puppy not sure I quite managed it but the young lady who I made it for was really pleased with it.

The cushion behind him was made by Dad, he had a special magnifier and he was able to sew the cushion fronts and my sister completed the cushion. I'm so pleased I have this cushion now that Dad has passed away. My daughter has an Eeyore but it's been well loved so I mended it and washed it, once its dried it will be going home with her.

Finally finished my Beach Hut draught excluder, I was in doubt whether it needed one more but my daughter saw and took it home to check before I could photo it. So she send me a picture and it clearly doesn't need another hut. I used a free pattern on Ravelry from Jen Mitchell. I simply made each one and then joined together, there is a weighted bag in each of them with stones.

I even had my sewing machine out not that I'm that good, I made a new bag for my wheelchair cushion but if you have a Barney Bodger for DIY, I'm the Barney Bodger of Sewing. It does the job, I also took up some trousers as well but the the sewing machine as been put away for Easter since we having a family meal on Easter Sunday.


  1. Love that beach hut draught excluder and the dog is so cute. How lovely to have something your Dad made too, Happy Easter x

  2. Lovely makes Debby :-) the draught excluder is fabulous! I need to make one of those!! and the little doggy is adorable, I have her sibling sitting right next to me on my desk ;-) Love the cushion too, what a lovely keepsake XX

    Hope you have a lovely easter weekend! XX

  3. What a cute dog you've made, and your Dad's tapestry cushion is so bright and beautiful and a lovely reminder of him Debby. Your daughter must have been thrilled with the beach huts draught excluder, and it is a perfect fit. x

  4. Sorry Debby I meant to say Happy Easter! x

  5. did such an amazing job on both projects!!! Wow!!! I may have a go at the beach huts!! Won't turn out as good....but boy oh boy its gorgeous!

  6. Love both your creations, they are brilliant, Those Beach Huts look ace!! Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend, Love Hazelx

  7. All such beautiful makes with past and present memories, Love them.

  8. So cute! Love the draft excluder, too.

  9. Wonderful idea - perfect made !
    Greetings from Austria


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