Friday, March 02, 2018

Crochet Update

I use Lionbrand mandala in DK with the Lost in Time shawl, I had two balls it does seem a bit longer but I found it not as wide so a bit disappointed. The orange is quite bright, the danger on ordering online the colours are not the same in real life.

The beach hut draught excluder is going slowly and my poor daughter is using a blanket so feel a bit guilty. Have two more nearly ready to fill and I’m hoping that I have to crochet two more it’s the right length.

The weather has mean my swimming club has cancelled today and my bags are packed for The Scrap Cafe so making cards could be tricky with some things packed away. 


  1. Beautifully made, love the beach huts

  2. GORGEOUS work and colours on both projects.

  3. Two fabulous crochet projects Debby, and a super mix of colours and some quite complicated looking stitches on the shawl, and love the beach huts draught excluder which I'm sure your daughter will adore and make good use of when finished. I made a ripple lap blanket which I finished more than a year ago but was left in a bag waiting for me to do the boring bit of sewing in all the ends, which I finally got round to the other night and actually only took me about 3 hours, so should have done it ages x

  4. That crochet shawl is stunning! Love it.

  5. What a beautiful shawl Debby and the draught excluded will be worth waiting for I am sure xx

  6. Your crochet work is amazing. I am always impressed by how much you accomplish.

  7. Lovely crochet. I am a beginner and it is hard to learn when I don’t know anyone who crochets!


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