Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Doreen and Me

My sister and I have these very spooky moments where we wear the same colours even though we haven't compared notes. For example when we went to Spain to celebrate her 60th some years back we both discovered we were wearing the same pjs. When we went to Lesley's Stamping Up party again we both wore red and when we went to Verity and Chris's Christmas Party we both were wearing Teal.

Of course I shall advise myself not to muck about when someone's else is taking the picture, thats my first glass of Mulled Wine honest.

The prompt for this layout was who did you admire and for that it had to be my Sister. When I was little it was to her house we went to Christmas and she always was the perfect hostess. She has this way with people that they just open up and spill their guts tell her their life stories. Also she is someone who will roll up her sleeves and get stuck in to help. Don't worry she has some real bad traits too, she's very bossy but I wouldn't have her any other way.
See you at 2pm


  1. Debby I know what you mean about spooky moments my sister and I are the same. We have to the point that we are meeting up we phone to find out what colours we will be wearing, so we don't turn up looking like the "Dolly Sisters" as we put it.

    Just love your scrap book pages, I have just got back into it after a couple of years. Oh boy it will take another two to get all the photos that have "I must scrap book that one" written on them. Hazel

  2. Such wonderful pages Debby. The photo of you with your sister is beautiful and I love the colour scheme and details you have added.
    hugs Sue xx

  3. Lovely pages and beautiful photos Debby. Great to see you and your sister having such a grand time.
    Beryl xx

  4. What lovely pages Debby looks like you were both enjoying yourselves...I would have loved to have had a sister...


  5. Fab layouts, Debby! I love the teal and it looks like you had so much fun!

  6. Great the one of you and your sister....perfect colours.

  7. Debby your layouts are lovely and you look to be having lots of fun x

  8. Hi Debby, what gorgeous scrapbook pages, and I love the fun between you and your sister. hugs Shirleyxx

  9. Love your layouts and the lovely way you speak of your sister.

  10. What lovely page layouts. Love the pictures. I wish I had a sister to share things with.


  11. Love your post today, Debby and your layouts. Being a big sister to 2 younger sisters, I have been called bossy, too - they call me Madame Queen.....but I'm just trying to point them in the right direction :)))

  12. Love these layouts Debby, and your sister and you are the spitting image!! Hugs Frea

  13. Great LO, beautiful colours! Can't miss that you are sisters, you look so much alike, even without the same outfit ;)
    xoxo Anita

  14. Great LO's Debby!!
    XXX Heidy

  15. Fab scrap pages Debby, there is nothing as good as having a sister you love xx
    Hugs Mau xx

  16. This is so beautiful Debby.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  17. Hi, know exactly what you mean.
    That's my sister who has commented first and yes we have to contact each other when we go anywhere or we would turn up like twins.
    Loving your pages, really looks like a great occasion.

    Patricia x

  18. What a fab LO, great pic of you and your sis (you look very alike!)


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