Thursday, June 19, 2008

Treasure Box

This was the last class we took on Sunday, I hadn't even painted the box so yesterday it got painted unfortunately I didn't have the paint they used in class so my green is very bright, so inked the edges.
Here it is in all its glory finished quite pleased I used the green paint.
If you are using class tools that are suppose to be on the correct setting CHECK IT don't believe your neighbours because the hole in my acylic was not in the centre, I could live with a quirky circle but it wouldn't go round when stuck on the box. So a piece of acetate came to the rescue and cut out circle patched the centre.
Didn't like the rag strips for ribbons so found some nice grosgrain ones out of my stash. Another tip, paint thicky painted onto acylic takes a while to dry but fingerprints make pretty patterns, glad I left it overnight.

Don't do what I did but the acetate needs to go behind the pattern paper not between the chipboard, you need the depth of the two pieces of chipboard because some of the beads are on the large size, you don't want to be picking them out like I had too.
I didn't put the year on top of the box, didn't want to be tied down by a date, the n is actually a h with a bit chopped off.
Didn't like the brown strip per instuctions or the white string.
Even the inside of the box is decorated with a couple of pockets. I've also put some felt on the bottom of the box just in case the finish on the bottom isn't smooth.


Nikki Fairbairn said...

What a fabulous box Debby and so much hard work gone into this wonderful creation, Hugs, Nikki x

Kim said...

WOW! What else can I say!!!

Hope you don't mind but I have tagged you, see my blog for details. Kim xx

nessy said...

wow!! sooooooooo much work ,sooooooooo much talent!! fantastic box!!
vanessa xx said...

This looks lovely.You have put a lot of work into it.

Frances said...

wow, amazing Debby. Looks like a lot of work - wouldn't know where to begin!! x

Annie said...

wow! such a work of art!

Andrea, said...

Wow this is fab, looks like loads of hard work but well worth it, brilliant

Hannah said...

What a fabulous creation Debby, you have thought long and hard abou it.

Kathy W said...

What a fun project! What are you going to put in the box???

Sonia said...

Fabulous Box!!!
Looks like loads of hard work.
Great Job!