Friday, December 11, 2015

Baby Blanket

Struggling to make cards at the moment but I have finished the baby blanket, well its more cot size. That is why I decided on a plain border you would get your fingers caught when tucking it in. The choice of colours were because I didn't know what the sex the little one is going to be.
It just need a wash and I will put it in one of the net bag that Wool Warehouse send their wool in.

With another trip to MIL imminent the next square has almost been decided, I wanted a more masculine afghan but it look like I may have failed a bit in that department. All the square will have deep blue in the centre and the last row, using the same colour for joining along with a border in the same colour should I hope darken the whole afghan. Now all I need to do is stop going wrong and unpicking it.


  1. What a gorgeous blanket. The colours are really so pretty.

  2. Your baby blanket is beautiful Debby, lovely pastel colours suitable for either sex.

  3. That blanket is a little heirloom and so lovely. Love the little flower centres. The dark blue is a fab pattern too.

  4. Beautiful afghan, love the lovely colors!

  5. Beautiful baby blanket Debby and lovely colours, and the new one you have started with a more masculine feel are wonderful too and looks like quite a difficult pattern. Good luck with it. x

  6. Beautiful blanket, it will be treasured for sure!

  7. That's one lucky little baby to get such a beautiful blanket.


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