Thursday, May 01, 2014


I've been making Baby blankets and throws with Granny squares but I wanted to make a thin cotton bedspread for the summer. Have to say it won't be finished for this Summer though. In my head I was going to use different squares of blue in different patterns.
Then I saw on WWW that someone had done this and used a Granny Square pattern book which at the time looked familiar. Of course it did I actually owned the book. The blogger unfortunately I can't find at the moment mentioned what patterns she used. So I used that to begin with added I few that I wanted to try. Has I crochet them I deleted a few too.
Above are the colours I've chosen but you can eliminate the white it didn't work with the cream..

Because of the weight I knew I wouldn't be able to connect it all in one go. I've been adding 9 together them making them into a strip not ideal but it looks ok and is easier on my joints. Slightly worried that this strip is 90 inches long so maybe it will be not next summer but the year after I get it finished.!


Di said...

Fabulous Debby! Love those blues and you're quite an example of not letting things stand in your way. LOVE your latest cards too!

Take care, love, Di xx

Crafting Queen said...

Really lovely squares.

Lorraine said...

Looking gorgeous so far.
Lorraine x

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

It's fabulous Debby, the different patterns gives a lovely texture to it, my joints don't like knitting anymore, it takes ages to finish the tiniest project.

Warm hugs

XxJULESxX said...

Looks so lovely!

Annie said...

I love all those shades of blue you have and the pretty crochet patterns in the squares - I do so admire your crochet work, it's not something I ever learnt to do. look forward to seeing the completed project sometime next year!
hugs, annie x

Carol Willis said...

I'm in the same hole! I don't think mine will be done this year either, but you got to keep on going don't you? Good luck. Love the blues and cream.
Caz x

Stamps and Paper said...

Debby this is going to look stunning when it's finished live the different colours and patterns I do wish I could crochet


Cheryl W. said...

You're amazing, Debby! That is going to be a beautiful spread. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.

Pat said...

Debby is there nothing you cannot do. These crocheted square are just such lovely colours and patterns and this will make a beautiful bedspread. You make me want to get my crochet hook out right now and have a go. x

Marian said...

Wat mooiiiiiii

Marian said...

Wat mooiiiiiii