Sunday, February 25, 2018


I wanted to record about the magnolia stick that never flowered for five years them bloomed giving us five flowers. It as bloomed every year now.

The papers are some old Kaiser ones and I kept the layout quite simple with black embellishments and black pearls.

I went to the Sincerly yours mini show at Bracknell didn’t realise how dear everything was although I brought a couple of Woodware stamps that I thought was very reasonable. I brought some dies especially for Men.

I get very tired these days probably the side effects from the pain patches especially if I push myself a bit harder than normal apparently it’s all about balancing!


  1. How pretty and a great record. Don’t try to do too much and hope you feel better soon x

  2. A lovely layout Debby and good that you didn't give up on your Magnolia, and now it knows how to flower it looks extremely pretty. x

  3. Great project. Would love to know who makes the alphabet and number dies you used. I can't seem to get enough alphabets in my die collection, but I can't buy more very often because they are so expensive.

  4. Such a wonderful memory page with lots more to come from the tree methinks.

  5. How pretty and nice to think your getting flowers from it each year now x

  6. Lovely layout, and so fun to see photos of your Magnolia.

  7. Really lovely layout. Hope you feel better soon.

  8. Beautiful photos and absolutely gorgeous LO, that colour theme is perfect! Hope you're feeling better soon, it's always hard to get used to new meds :(


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