Friday, October 20, 2017

Crochet Update

I haven't done a crochet update lately and I have three things on the go most unusual for me, I like to finish one before I start another.

The First one is the Lost in Time Shawl, I had finished it but I didn't like how some of the ends of the row didn't look quite right. I was aware this was some mistakes on my part rather than the pattern so I undid it or in crochet terms frogged it!

My Poldark afghan is on hold while I make a Baby Blanket, still quite a few squares to go yet.

I got this Revolving Ball Holder for my Birthday, I absolutely love it and you can see another Ripple Rainbow Afghan making the third item I'm working on.

After winding a full ball Scheepjes Whirl I added the wool winder to my Birthday list. There is no way to photo this without it looking a bit naughty or is it just my mind!

The other presents are joint ones with Hubby since his Birthday the day after mine, a selfie stick and bluetooth speaker. The selfie stick is for our Cruise next year so we can take photos of us both together and the speaker is to make life easier since it wireless.

I also learnt I won't be needing Baby Girl cards since Easton was born this morning another Great Nephew.

Isn't he gorgeous.


Pat said...

Wow on all counts Debby! I love all your crocheting and you are so quick at finishing things. I start things but never semm to get to the I made a lovely blanket which was completed at least a year ago but I haven't sewn in all the ends of wool yet which is the bit I hate doing, but having looked at your wonderful work has made me ashamed of myself, so I will try and get it done this weekend!! I love your birthday pressies too. x

Pat said...

Sorry, I meant you say congratulations on the birth of your great cute. x

Eleanor said...

Your crochet is beautiful. I can knit anything, arrans, lace etc. but have yet to master a crochet hook. May I also say what a brave woman you are leaving that ball of white wool next to your drink, I wouldn't dare!

Brawny x said...

Fab work Debby. I will learn one day I'm determined. If only my hand would play ball and stay still. I will though! X

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Congratulations, cute baby. Fab crochet projects,

Cheryl W. said...

Gorgeous projects and gorgeous great nephew! Your life seems to be full of gorgeousness these days.

Daffodil Cards said...

Fabulous work, love the ball holder.
Congratulations on your Li'l Pumpkin. He's a Handsome baby. We had ours, a girl 7th Oct.

sanpiseth40 said...
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