Friday, April 07, 2017

Crochet and Update

I'm not sure what impresses me the fact this image, I took with my ipad and managed through air sharing got it onto my main pc (Ok I had to send it to my phone first) or the fact I finally finished the surrounding squares of my Christmas colours Demelza blanket.

If you have made the blanket you will have realised that I have replaced the stripes with the small squares, only because I wasn't keen on them and the the blanket is for me so therefore I should make the way I would like.

Of course I hadn't worked out instead of 16 squares, 8 of each colour. I actually needed 32 altogether, 16 of each colour. They were finished going up and down the motorway seeing Hubby's brother.
I've a few more rows to finish the main square and it will be the joining and border.

I've already decided my next blanket, it seems I have three baby blankets to make this year, hopefully now I'm up to three it will stop there. I've actually brought a pattern from Julie Yeager on Raverly called Faded Love which I think would work in pastel colours perfect for a baby whether a boy or girl.

I was so looking forward to an easy weekend but its got busy with a tea-party with my superhero great nephew's birthday on Saturday and Hubby is taking my Sister and myself to Ally Pallyon Sunday so will need to raid my craft money box.


ike said...

FANTASTIC !!! Such amazing colours :-) x

crafty sod said...

Wow, they are beautiful, what lovely colours, I recently learnt how to crochet so I appreciate the time that it takes to make and join up these projects so keep going, I know how you struggle.
carole eaton Stourbridge

Pat said...

Such beautiful work Debby and love the colours, and you certainly work very quickly. I love the choice of pattern for the baby blankets. x

Lorraine said...

These look very pretty, gorgeous colours and pattern
Lorraine x

Liselot said...

Looks great Debby, lots of hard work I guess!

Lynne in NI said...


Debbie said...

These look fabulous Debby...great colours. Hope you are well. Debbie x