Friday, October 14, 2016

Kittens and Penquin

I haven't been a very good blogger, I really don't know where the time as gone and I can't even say I've crochet a lot either.

I have been making a few small things for my Sister's Stall and finally I have sorted out my kitten ears the pink one is the latest and she has matching ears. My problems have been when I rejoin the yarn to other side I haven't been getting it quite right.  I read the pattern properly this time and took my time.

I've also had a go at this penquin although it looks like his feet don't quite touch the floor it looks Ok in real life but he was another quick make. I'm making another Sammy Seal but this time I may weight his body he keeps falling over on my desk.

Annoyed now I can't find the pattern for the kittens but here's the link for the penquin  the pattern called for Worsted wool I have no idea what that is but I've used scraps of DK and I like my amigurumi to be a very tight crochet so I've used a 3mm hook.

My bags are packed I've not got the kitchen sink but nearly my craft room is almost tidy but you wouldn't think I've taken anything out of it.


  1. How sweet are these Debby especially the Penguin.

    B x

  2. The sweetest of little toys Debby, love them, Kate x

  3. Hi Debbie
    omg these are so cute! and the penguin is adorable :) i'm sure i heard him say he wants to live at my house!! lol xx

  4. These are so cute Debby and I can see them flying off the stall


  5. These are all super cute Debby and I especially love the penguin. You crochet beautifully. Enjoy your scrap as I think that's what you said you were doing this weekend. x

  6. These are all adorable but really love the cute penguin.
    Lorraine x

  7. Ooooh how adorable they are!!

  8. They are so cute Debby xx

  9. I love the adorble penguin! Great job and thanks for sharing now I might have to learn to crochet.

  10. Hi Debby they are adorable I do have a soft spot for penguins. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  11. How gorgeous - I love them ... especially the kittens :-) xxxxx


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