Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Whats on my Dining Room Table!!!!!!!

It has been brought to my notice the dining room was a bit of a tip so this is my version of a tidy dining room table. My hubby doesn't agree with me. So this is todays WOYWW . To right is the first two bottom boxes are Christmas cards that are ready to go about 42 of them so about half way. The two top 12by12inches boxes are of my Vegas pictures and embellishments sorted out to use for my Vegas Album.

To the left is a pile of Halloween cards, there's last year ones in the pile too but don't know who to send them too since here in the UK we don't really send cards at Halloween. I found the shopping lists books I've done but I know someone to send them to.
Behind them is a box of Christmas papers and thats also the pile on the top but I must try to recycle the scraps since I know I probably won't use them.
In the middle is my Orchid that my DD brought for my Sis and when she picked it up to take it to her all the flowers dropped off!!!!!!
The poor thing was sitting in water and orchids don't like that, so I've nursed it back to health and those are new blooms isn't that amazing since I kill everything else that I've tried to grow in my house.


Tricia T said...

What a great picture, Debby! :-) You are so organized, having all your Christmas cards boxed up like that! Your pile of Christmas paper is *amazing* - what fun! And I just love the orchid. I can't say I've ever seen one in a pot before. If you can keep that alive, you must be a better gardener than you say. Or else it just likes you... :-)

Have a fantastic day!


Mandi said...

Oh Debby you create those masterpieces from your dining table!

FAB piccy, will picture you now hehe Wont make any difference to my cards LOL

mandi x

Lynne in NI said...

Nope, I must disagree with your hubby ... its definately lovely and tidy! Like the look of those halloween cards and the orchid is beautiful!

Andrea said...

oooh Debby,
this is fun, now I can see you too use every space to make cards, just like me
I have a tiny craftroom upstairs but I often use the diningtable downstairs, look at my blog, I just posted a photo of myself
hugs andrea

Heather said...

Well done with the orchid Debby - they're not easy - you obviously have the 'touch'!!
As for your tidy table - looks tidy to me and if there's room to eat
IT IS!!!
hugs Heather xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Debby
take no notice of your hubby, your dining room is super tidy, (this just doesn't look the same house as last time) lol. Just say to your hubby you know where everything is.
Sandra (craftynan)

Nannieflash said...

Hi Debbie, you certainly are a lot tidier than I am, but at least you are well on your way with your Xmas list of Cards, not sure how many more I need to make.
I also love orchids they are the only plant that I seem to keep alive and blooming. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Looks FINE to me Debby!

Great things come from my "clutter"

Have you ever thought of selling your cards on eBay???? A few of us have had success selling 'em cards on eBay, I know I would bid!


Sarah xx said...

Hi Debby, that looks incredibly tidy and organised to me!! What's the matter with your hubby? :)
You could always send one of your fab Halloween cards to me, I dont think Harry Fred or Barney will want to dress up to celebrate with me?? xx

Helen said...

Well, I'd call it a tidy table.

Andrea - Wales, UK said... organised are you???
42 Christmas cards...that's very impressive.


Carola Bartz said...

As far as I can see it, your cards look really good.

amanda stokes said...

It looks tidy to me :)
Love your card below so sweet
hugs amanda xx

cheryl said...

oh wow all that yummy paper gosh looks amazing,and so organised with your cards too wow hugs cheyrl xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Lovely, tidy table Debby, don't know what he's on about!! Love the orchid, I have two on the go, coaxed one back into flower but the other one isn't having any of it!

Brenda 96

Zue said...

Lovely desk and what a beatiful orchid!
Sue xx 66/88

Sherry said...

It looks super-tidy to me Debby - very organised, neat piles! You've done wonders with the orchid, such beautiful flowers. Your dining room looks so bright and airy x

(Thanks for already stopping by my workdesk)

Sherry 118

having a {me} day said...

It looks pretty tidy to me, Debby! What do men know anyway? Fab stash of finished cards you have! Puts me to shame!! keeleyxx

Neet said...

Send DH over to my craft room and he can see what untidy really is. I think that is perfectly tidy and you are so organised. #142

The Taming of the Glue said...

Think your hubby needs to have a look at a few other work spaces..he'd soon realise that you are VERY tidy and organised!! Maybe this ought to be compulsory for OH's on Wednesdays as well!!
Pam (20)

Chrissie said...

My goodness Debby you are soooo organised. Well done for getting ahead with your Chrimbo cards.

Candace said...

very organised, in fact too organised lol

like the card on the top of the pile

Enjoy your weekend


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love neatness and what a view! I could sit and contemplate all day. You are nicely organized, and it doesn't matter WHERE you craft, just that you do it. (#2 this week).

Julia Dunnit said...

I am useless with house plants, have finally killed an orchid but it did last waaaay longer than anything else I've ever had! Your white one is bloomin (and) gorgeous! I think your dining table looks pretty organised and neat - perhaps you should invite DH to gaze upon the riot that is my desk on any WOYWW!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, how neet and tidy your diningroom table looks ;)
Marja Rolfes

sandra's crafty corner said...

ooh i think it looks tidy hun when i used to craft on my dining table it looked much much worse lol, hugs sandra