Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Today is Wednesday

Here's the chip box I've done for the team I'm on at UKS each insert has my details on the back. I so love doing things all the same (not). Received my DC have to say I was a bit disappointed, not their fault, the mini book is that concertina thing that we did for Mark's wedding invites, my finger has a permanent scar for all the folding I did, so while very nice I won't be doing that one. Probably will do something similar for Kirsty's class but I did like the tips on mixing patterned paper, from now on no picking patterns I love randomly ,keep within the same range. Looking forward to when I come back from the US will have two weeks worth in my inbox I'm sure the first week is just not my taste.

Need to finish my two pages of my circle journal, the book is completed just need to do my pages, I squirted them with inks last night so hopefully will be dry to play with.

This afternoon is my meeting with my HR manager, so I will sort out my locker key etc since I no longer work for them, hope the news is good. Oh and by the way six days to go.

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