Sunday, April 22, 2007

I'm back

Suffering from a bit of jag lag but here I am. Here's my DD with her favourite character and no it's not snow white. We had a great time and even now I miss my little girl. It was really hard leaving her behind more so than at the airport last October when she left for her adventure, but she's following her dream for that I admire her greatly.
I brought load of stash but no cricut there isn't one anywhere near Orlando so tomorrow I'm on the hunt for one cos I managed to buy the cartridges for about £25 each. Asking for special assistance wasn't so bad or at least my Sis didn't think so we managed to jump the queues at both Gatwick and at Orlando. Disney was very good for making sure wheelchair users didn't miss a thing but Seaworld and Cypress Garden was a bit hit and miss, not so much for wheelchair users but didn't care that the family occupy had to struggle to find seats. Shopping was great managed to buy loads of stuff it was really great not worry about money so much (my lump sum).
DS managed to corrupt the Hard drive while I was away so have come back to find I can only get my e-mails if I log on as DS and not sure if I can remedy this. But have sorted out a virus thingy from Virgin which seems to be better than the one I had and its free. The printer is back on, so is Kodak which is what I use for my camera. Adobe has been updated so I can still read my DC e-mails providing I log on as DS. All my blog lists are gone and I've lost some photos but most are backed up on an external hard drive (thank God).
The cyber crop on UKS is well ahead I've missed out on the mystery kit and all the class kits but have sorted out which classes I should be able to do but its going to late nights on Friday and Saturday. Ok thats it for now but I'm not going to admit after spending a heck of a lot of stash money that I've been Atml and brought the crate paper kits or than I've been on Banana Frog and brought the new stamps I was admiring before I left for the States or that I've popped onto Pricestorm and made sure I've plenty of coloured ink for the printer to print loads of photos. No way I'm gonna admit it.

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