Sunday, January 14, 2007

On the Wagon

I think I might be back on the wagon. This LO is a scraplift from pagemap Jan 07, they are great sketches especially if your mojo is missing. I used winnie walls and I made the swirls free hand. The pics are scanned images which I've now discovered that my scanner scans with lines down the pics, so when DS finally moves out and I can get the Epson scanner(its hidden over the two seater, three seater settee, but I have to get over the fridge and freezer first!) I got to scan slides I will use that from now on. And it is square its the photographer thats wonky.

I've also made a card, I've been interested in the word cards featuring words like Joy and Noel in the card mags. So I've had a go with words like MUM, DAD and Bro. I finished the Mum card but not quite the other one.

A message for Andrea read my blog tomorrow to see what we've brought you Christmas.

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