Sunday, November 26, 2017

Holiday Layouts

I didn't make too many layouts of our Holiday in 2015 I've made layouts of our favourite holiday place.  Just recorded the stories we made and prove that my two grown up children were with us.

I'm pretty sure they are Echo Park summer collection pack embellished with stickers that came with the collection and dies out of my stash.

Something I do regularly is to use the strip of on the front cover that as all the tiny strips of the paper.

I had a good time at the All Day Crop but I'm never taking card making again, I was so jealous of majority of my friends who were scrapbooking, lesson learnt.

I have with the help of my sister nagging me made about twenty Christmas Cards, they are all quick easy and linear. This means most are made now and I can make Christmas cards that are fun to make and can take as long as I like to make them.


Pat said...

Two great layouts Debby and it is true that once the bog standard cards are made you can then have fun making ones that please you. I need to do this too and I don't really like batch making, but some simpler cards are definitely what I need to make. x

Marlena M. said...

Wonderful layouts! I totally agree on cardmaking ...I detest assembling multiples and love to create the uniques. ;)

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Fab layoits, the top one made me smile. I thought you had made lots of Christmas cards this year, you have fun now x

Sarah said...

These are really lovely Debby, the papers are typically summery...a lovely reminder of warmer days!! xx