Friday, December 30, 2016

Catching up with Crocheting.

Crocheting update nearly all the centre squares are made for the Charlotte Cal. I've done it this way so I can crochet in the car this weekend with the grey wool. I know they won't all get done this weekend but I should have a few done.

When life turns to normal I plan to make some smaller items as well as trying to finish this afghan. I also realised the ones my daughter and myself use are not Christmas colours so will try to make a couple for us in 2017. Thinking of making the Blizzard one in red and cream.


  1. So so pretty Debby and a great idea to do the centres so that you can carry on with the grey areas whilst travelling. The red and cream sounds like a wonderful idea too. x

  2. What a beautiful crochet, gorgeous colours.
    Happy New Year! x

  3. very beautiful crocheting!
    Wish you happy, healthy and creative New Year ! ♥

  4. These afghans will be a treasure!


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