Thursday, March 05, 2015

Working Out Bear

You must be fed up with all the reports of me feeling unwell but I've now upgrade the virus to flu and thats why its taking so long to for it to clear up and my energy levels are pants at the moment. I also advise not to make anything while sick because I made this poor bear or to me he still looks like a mouse.
I found the pattern in the Love Crochet magazine, it was going well till I realised I didn't have the right size eyes which help to make him mouse like.
Then I stitched him together and tidy up the ends, I couldn't work out what was wrong. He was very butch looking, like he had been working out and had broad shoulders.
Oops I've sewn his body upside down.

Hubby has started to worry that this crochet animals are starting to take over the house, with another mouse and a pig made. I'm now on a very strange looking Giraffe.


Stamps and Paper said...

He's so cute Debby hope you'll soon feel better


Liz said...

Think of it this way....... he's cute and unique! Hope you feel better soon. xx

brenda said...

I do hope you shake it off quickly Debby, so many people seem to be struggling the same way and say it drains them.

Bear or mouse he's very sweet, perhaps he's a bear who has been on a diet ?

B x

Sarah said...

Whatever he is he's gorgeous!! xx

Irene said...

He is adorable, best wishes Debbby...this weekend they promise us lovely spring weather so maybe soaking up a little sunshine will do wonders??

xx Irene

Chrissy said...

I love your little butch bear is adorable. I do hope you can shake the flu off and get well soon..take care.


Unknown said...

I think that he is really cute, and who is anyone to say what is right and what is wrong, I am sure that any child and the person who made it will love him to bits. I know what you mean about hubby worrying, I make Teddy Bears, havent tried to crochet one, but hubby reckons we are going to have to start putting them outside as there is no room inside. He,he. I am going to finish one shortly and then see what he says, bet you it will be put out on display and not hidden away, so I wouldn't worry if I were you.
Anyway I think he is wonderful.
I hope you have a fantastic day, and are well soon.
Love and best wishes.

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

Oh Debby you did make me smile with your upside down body although I am sure I would never have noticed if you hadn't said - he is adorable and I would be thrilled if I could make anything half as good as this!! Hope you get over you flu soon, hugs Susan x

Sue said...

awww he is adorable and I love his outfit.
I hope you start to feel better soon.
hugs Sue xx

coops said...

aw he is gorgeous debby :D

xx coops xx

JoAnn said...

I think he looks cute. I wouldn't have known his body was upside down unless you pointed it out. :)
I used to crochet the stuffed animals also, but just make cards or scrapbook layouts now.
I sure hope you are over the flu soon and start feeling better. Take care of yourself.

Pat said...

He is so cute Debby and who cares if his body is upside down! So sorry you are still feeling the effects of the flu but hopefully it won't be long before you are feeling your old self. I think we all need some nice warm sunshine which hopefully isn't too far away. x

KraftyKoolKat said...

Hi Debby I love this cute one off chappie. Hope you start to feel better soon.

Scrapthat said...

Feel better soon!!
I love your buff bear!!!

Kat W said...

Well the main thing is to have fun creating and anyway, he's so cute!

Big hugs, Kat xx

Cheryl W. said...

Oh, Debby, you make me laugh with your animal descriptions. I think they're adorable, and I have a big urge to cuddle them all!

Carol L said...

He's cute even with his body upside down! I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't mentioned the "oops!"

Jacee said...

He's adorable Debby, upside down or not he's the cutest little chap! can't wait to see the rest of your growing menagerie!
Hugs Jacee
Simply Paper Card Design

Bad luck having progressed to flu, no wonder you've been feeling so rough! may take a bit longer to get over this then Debby, do take care, and rest up, sending you extra hugs x

cotnob said...

I think he is an adorable bear and I'm sure no one would have noticed his body was upside down - it looks fine to me, what's wrong with a butch bear!
I do hope you soon begin to feel better.

coldwaters2 said...

Hi Debby I am so sorry to hear that you are ill I do hope that you recover very soon as for the bear I think he looks cute, he may look a little different but that's a good thing....right....your post made me giggle I think you have done a really great job.
lorraine x

pinky said...

Ach you've been through a lot Debby, no wonder you have taken the flu. A sure sign to start taking time for yourself. Hope you feel better soon. I love this wee cutie though did smile when you said the body was upside down, never would have noticed lol.

Lorraine said...

He still looks cute even if his body is upside down.
Hope you feel better soon.
Lorraine x

Sandra H said...

Oh l do feel for you Debby Flu isn't pleasant and l'm hoping it won't be too long before your feeling much better ....l love your fury animals and it looks gorgeous take care x

Carol said...

He's a very cute "butch" bear Debby, I think he looks fabulous. Hope you feel better soon. Carol x

susiestacey said...

Ohhh he is so cute. Hope you are soon feeling better Debby x Susan x

Whisper said...

Aaaaah what a sweetie & so sorry you have had flu, when I felt rough I had to go to my kinesiologist to get something to pick me up - hope you feel brighter soon, luv Sam x

Daffodil Cards said...

I didn't even notice LOL, he's fabulous.

Carol S. said...

I couldn't stop giggling at your story! My laptop was bouncing on my lap!! Maybe you could make him some weights. Lol!! He is rather cute and love his face. Maybe hugging him will make you feel better soon. Hugs, Carol S.xx

Deborah said...

To me he still looks fabulous. Hope you are feeling better soon.
Deborah A