Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Tag and a Bit of Love

I have a tag to show this morning getting down to the odds and ends in my drafts now. I made this to go with the Babys Blanket for one of my DD friends and DD told me I had to make a tag. So I quick ran this one up using a Memory Box die and I believe the sentiment is Stampin Up but don't hold me to that I made it a while ago.
This will be the last time I will post on a Wednesday morning I'm afraid from now on I will post my SSS Wednesday challenge card later on at 2pm.
I've had some lovely e-mails offering support and love, including one from Kathleen who wrote a poem. I couldn't believe someone would take the time to write one for me. I asked her for permission to publish it on my blog and I was so pleased she said Yes.


Your crafty blog
I love to read
But time to be idle
Today you need...

Creative pressure
Can slumber awhile
Till you feel ready
To craft and smile.

Take time to dream,
Let hands idle be,
Let your thoughts wander
From stress be free.

Take time to pause,
Don't run a race...
You can afford
To slow down the pace.

For all there's time...
To laugh, to grieve,
To rest from craft...
Trust and believe.

Today I take time,
This message to send,
I hope that in time
You'll be on the mend!
  (Kathleen1stJune2014...for Debbie)

It pretty much says what I need at the moment.


aileen (mum) said...

Debby, take care of yourself. We are always happy to see whatever you can offer, whenever. We all feel the pressure of life and knowing you are well is what matters to all of us. I am speaking in the plural but I am pretty sure my views are shared. Enjoy the sunshine and make a card when the pleasure takes you again, not because you have to. Beautiful poem from your friend.

Sarah said...

What a fabulous and well thought out poem from Kathleen. Such a great tag too xx

susiestacey said...

What a beautiful personal poem Debby, Kathleen is very talented. Beautiful tag - hope you have a good relaxing time x Susan x

Stamps and Paper said...

Gorgeous tag and a lovely poem from Kathleen
Sometimes we need to step back and just craft when you feel you want to without the pressure of feeling you have to post a card everyday....


Leigh said...

Debby, I'm so sorry to hear that you aren't feeling the best. I hope you can get back into card making for yourself and feel good about it.
Please take care.

Christine L said...

A lovely tag Debby.. pefect for the occasion it was used for!

And wowww... that poem is beautiful.. (how wonderful of her to write it) and does sound like what you need. I'm sorry to hear that you're still struggling.. so take the time and come back refreshed... we'll all still be here waiting to see your stunning creations! Don't ever let craft become a pressure... that's not what it's all about... is it?

Christine x

Lorraine said...

A gorgeous tag Debbie, and a lovely poem.
Lorraine x

Jane said...

What a wonderful poem Debby, there is always crafty love and support out here which is what makes blogging very special. Take some time out and do things at your own pace, life can be very up and down and we really need to pace ourselves when times are tough. Sometimes a complete break is a helpful thing too, be guided by your own gut feelings, they are usually correct. Hugs xx

José said...

What a beautiful poem you got from your friend. I hope you can clear your mind now you take some time out. Working under so much pressure isn't good.
I Always love to see your creations, they are an inspiration to me.So is your tag, it's beautiful

Mary J said...

How lovely! She's got a talent there! And your tag is so lovely!

Pat said...

This tag is lovely and just perfect to go with the blanket Debby. This poem of Kathleen's is beautifully written and I'm sure echoes all our sentiments. Sometimes if things become a chore we forget that it is supposed to be a hobby and fun, so take the pressure off a bit and I'm sure the enjoyment will return, and we will still be keen to look at your gorgeous cards. x

Deborah Artliff said...

Good morning Debby what a lovely poem from kathleen and shes one talented lady. And what a lovely tag youve made. Just uou take time oneand lookafter your self. We will miss you but you come first. Take care Debby xx

Debs xx

Sandra H said...

Sending lots of hugs Debby take care your tag is beautiful x

Irene said...

Dear Debby,

I sure missed something during the last days and so didn't understand this post so I scrolled back and now I know what's going on. Even though it's tough I think you made the right decision. I LOVE your creativity and gorgeous cards but to be honoust..every single day is sooooo much work and pressure.I truly never understood how you managed!! Just do what you can and enjoy what you do. When a hobby starts to become a "duty" you're on the wrong path.
Do take care and a very big hug from Holland!!!!!!!!

xx Irene

Carol S. said...

What a beautiful poem and very wise words. Such a sweet tag too. Hugs, Carol S.xx

Craftdee said...

Kathleen's poem says it well, Debby. You have to do what feels right for you at any given time, in any area that you can; sometimes you can't make adjustments but with Craft you can and so you should. I used to run classes in Decorative Painting and tell my ladies that if it felt like work it wasn't Art, finally took my own advice and stepped back a bit, my life feels more rounded for it and I hope yours does too. That all said, this is a seriously stunning card, so elegant and somehow "light", really lovely :-) See you "when-eva!" Donna xx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Oh Debby how very thoughtful of her and what a wonderful poem. Take all the time you need, we will still be here for you x

Chrissy said...

Fabulous tag Debby and I just love the poem from Kathleen..have a lovely rest.. we will always be here for you in blogland..and looking forward to when you do post..


Cheryl W. said...

It takes a pretty special person to warrant a poem from a friend. Have a lovely day, Debby. Oh yes, I love your tag. It's perfect for that baby blanket.