Saturday, May 12, 2012

Are You Brave Enough

I have seen this on a few of the blogs I follow and I wasn't going to do it but check out this post about it These are the cards I first blogged but not the first cards I made. Also at this time I was scrapbooking more than cardmaking.
This was before I found the macro button on my camera, I didn't know how to make the pictures bigger on blogger. To be honest I think they're scanned rather than photo.

So I started blogging the July of 2006 and blogger wouldn't let me load pics so it wasn't till the November that after my DD had left to work in the US that I had another go. The first is the card for my nephew and his wife's new baby using Francoise Read stamps and I used Watercolour pencils for colouring.
 Jo Kill's little bear which was a tutorial in Papercraft Inspirations
A card for my BIL

So I've chosen some cards I've made this year I've kept them small cos I don't want to overshadow my old efforts. It's interesting to see how far I've come. I've tried Pro-markers and Copics only to find the lids hard going so settled on Prismcolors but now using mostly Polychromos.
I've taken my love for lumpy scrapbooking to my cards and I love cute which when I started card making 12 years ago was almost a swear word among cardmakers. You certainly wasn't a serious card maker if you liked cute.

It's a shame I haven't kept a record of the very first cards I made although I think there may be an old cd of some old than the ones I blogged but no idea where it could be. 


  1. Yes, its amazing how our creative styles adapts to be more current. Your initial creations are just as creative as the current ones, although your style has totally changed. You are truly talented Debby.
    Doing Life

  2. All your cards are fab. I keep seeing people doing this but so far have not been brave enough to take part lol....

  3. What a smashing post Debby! :)

    How wonderful to see your older creations, and definately how much your style has developed to be uniquely 'You' :)




  4. Aww, is that true about "cute"? I'm glad you were brave and posted then and especially now. You do such great things with design and dimension. You were a huge inspiration when I was making character cards (mostly Magnolias) and continue to tickle me with very new project. :)

    I absolutely ADORE the "I love London" card. *sigh*


  5. It's great to see your before and afters, I found I progressed much faster when I started blogging....all the inspiration out there. Hugs lin

  6. Hi Debbie, oh you are brave, I like your first cards though, far better than mine ever to think, but I do agree, it's nice to see how far you come ...thanks for sharing.xx

  7. Was für wunderschöne Werke das wieder geworden sind, ich bin begeistert.


  8. What a gorgeous cards Debby.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  9. Your before cards are great, I made that bear too from the mag! But now you can always tell a 'Debbie' card. they are uniquely gorgeous,

    Liz x

  10. Very interesting post Debby. Lovely to see how far you have come. Adore your PB card below. Fab colours and the rose look red to me.

  11. It has been lovely seeing where it all started for you!

    This is such a good idea.

    Sharon x

  12. Love to she your older creations Debby!!
    XXX Heidy

  13. Hi Debby,
    Isn't it funny how our styles change over the years...great selection of cards really love the mo card fab images :) x

  14. Well Debby, I would dare show my early cards so well done you for that, and they are still brilliant but so glad that you turned to card making.

    Kath x

  15. Awww honey your cards are so gorgeous. Omg I love em' all. I love that you included some of the oldies along with some newbies. Your an amazing artist and it looks like you put lots of love into every creation. Have a most wonderful Mothers Day.
    Hugs Bonnie

  16. Oooo thanks for sharing Debby! You certainly have been making cards a long time! Hugs Rebekah xx

  17. HI Debby! I must say, even your first cards that you made are simply beautiful!!! Yes, I agree that it's so funny how our styles change with time .. but it's so nice to see I agree! :) You do absolutely GORGEOUS work!


  18. It's amazing how far you've come - but you started from a good base point didn't you. I have photos of the first crads I made - even before blogging - and no - I'm not brave enough.
    Beryl xx

  19. You have definately evolved... it's surprising how our styles change as we improve! I've always loved your cards though, Shelly x

  20. Oh what a fab post! Love it :-) Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx


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